LIFESTYLE CONSULTING :: Style your habits to support wellness + create the life you desire


LIFESTYLE CONSULTING will help you to design a daily routine that'll support you in the life you desire. Together we'll create a blueprint to guide you in your health, career, relationships and inner happiness. We’ll use yoga therapy, practical life styling tips and Divine Spiritual Wisdom to bring you joy, health, love and success.

This program will enable you to:

  • Develop a new relationship with food + yourself

  • Work with the laws of sound and mudra therapy to promote healing and positive transformation

  • Align your unique gifts and talents with your life’s purpose

  • Attract love and harmony into your surroundings

Session details:

(1) Hour Consultation. During these sessions we'll address different areas in your life that aren’t working for you, and discover new ways of being that’ll help you create the life you desire .  Rate: $75

(3) Session Package. Rate: $200 (Save $25)


See what others have to say…

Kate helped me make improvements on my brand by showcasing my bridal hair and makeup work in a high quality website. She was friendly, knowledgable and always available to guide me.
–Mara N., Hair + Makeup Artist

The amount of spiritual wisdom that Kate shared with me left me looking at the world in a much different way. She is a flowing fountain of knowledge, harmony and beauty.
–Beverly S., Patient Services Manager

Working with Kate, I was able to strengthen the message to my clients in a very clear and direct way. She has a very unique way of knowing how to create an emotion behind each message, which has helped me gain the attention of those customers in my target market. I had the ideas and the thoughts I wanted to use to enhance my business, but Kate provided the words. She was able to take my ideas and put it in a language that I was unable to. Her ability to do this took my business to the next level! If you are looking to increase the message you want to your customer base, Kate will be most beneficial in helping you and your business grow.
–Bobby S., Fitness Owner + Head Coach