Gratitude Cafe L.A. offers food for thought...

IMG_1328 if anyone hasn't been to cafe gratitude in LA, you must try it ASAP! not only are they super conscious about healthy, plant based food, but the whole vibe in there is all about being present and mindful about how we nourish our bodies and soul.

EVERY single person on staff there is radiant and smiling - happy to be of service to nourish their customers. the theme in there is all about gratitude and reprogramming our minds to think in positive ways through affirmations.

the bathroom mirror is written on with the words, "I Am Beautiful. I am Healthy" and always changing...the menu is listed with titles that start with, 'I Am...".

I go there with one of my best friends on a weekly basis, ideally. we always get the same thing - I Am Whole. this dish is centered along the macrobiotic diet principles, which is the way i primarily choose to live my life. more on that later.

our plates are inscribed with the question, "what are you grateful for?" a little food for thought. pun intended.

we are also greeted with the question of the day via our server, and today was, "how do you bring joy to the world?"

again, allowing us to reflect, be grateful, and present. i think i bring joy to this world by helping others feel good about themselves. how do you?