Skin issue solutions solved with this recipe.

IMG_2654 let me give you a sneak peak into what has motivated me to treat food as medicine...two years ago i had a very odd, itchy, red rash on my thighs and stomach that drove me crazy!

i made the standard trip to my doctors office where i was told to take an antihistamine...forever basically. um, no thanks. i never really believed in medicine anyway-would only take advil in the most severe cases.

so began my quest to get to the bottom of this issue. i have always been inquisitive, and find myself in the self-help section of the book store often. i just thrive on constantly trying to improve any situation in my i embarked on my holistic approach to my health.

what i came to find out is that any skin condition that arises is directly related to your stomach.

basically an overgrowth of bad bacteria compromises the immune system and ph levels of your body. the cause of this issue stems from the society we live in today - taking antibiotics, eating animal products, being on birth control, etc. not to mention alcohol, flours and sugars (and don't even get me started on sugar-free) that dominate our mass produced foods that americans consume. needless to say, i have done my research on the best way to improve my overall health by alkalizing my pH levels where it is a proven fact that no disease can live in this type of environment.

thus, i adopted a plant-based diet. since this new lifestyle, i've had to become very much aware of what i need to do to get all the minerals and nutrients i need.

what i have learned is i need to make sure i get my sea vegetables in at least 3-5 times a week for calcium, thiamine, niacin, and vit B12.

It purifies the blood, strengthens the intestines, skin and hair and is very beneficial for women and their reproductive organs.  wakame is my main squeeze - i throw it in my miso soup in the morning.

miso paste is a natural probiotic - it increases the amount of good bacterial flora in the stomach so that the bad doesn't take over and cause imbalances.

the soup takes all of 5 minutes.

1tsp wakame flakes boiled in 1cup of water.

add 2bs chopped veggies of any kind to medium heat and boil for 3 min.

bring to simmer and dilute a small amount of broth with 1tsp miso paste and pour it back into saucepan for 1 min.

toss chopped scallions on top and voila - breakfast is served!