Learn why you should LOVE LEMONS!

ahhh the lemon. wouldn't ya know, lemons actually alkalize you - contrary to what you may think. yes it's acidic alone, but the way it digests in your body is very alkalizing. no other citrus fruit does that.

fyi: if you are battling an overgrowth of bad bacteria, ie: candida, you don't want to be eating fruit, unless it has a low glycemic index. fruit by nature is very high in sugar - yes it's natural, but none the less, it all is acidic except for berries, apples, pears and your lemon and lime, baby!

the lemon is amazing for your skin!

and as we discussed your skin correlates with your stomach. i drink lukewarm water with the juice of half a lemon upon rising and before bed - you want to drink it on an empty stomach.

it is also very detoxifying, which can regulate your weight -aka keep you skinny.

basically if you do this daily you will be healthy - it will cure anything from asthma, to bad breath.

it supports your liver, your kidneys and purifies the blood.

if you have a hangover, drink it with a little salt and cumin seed - lemon is an anti-alcohol agent.

the reason i wanted to bring up this amazing little gem of citrus, is because my skin was getting a little itchy again the other day in one small area and if you rub lemon juice on itchy skin, wouldn't ya know, it vanishes?

but, i will say, i had been slackin' on my sea veggies the last month or so, and whenever you get itchy skin, it's a sure bet your low in minerals...

it's amazing how our physical bodies give us warning signs as to what's going on inside. what an amazing concept! BUT we have to be mindful of this - we can't just walk around reacting and shoveling food in our mouths without knowing how our bodies like it, can we?