Keep yourself in check during the Holiday Party Season with these tips!

i just love this cheerful holiday season! so many reasons to cook, bake, get together with loved ones, and celebrate with parties!

i feel it is very important to be extra mindful throughout, not just because you want to stay fully engaged with the meaning of the season, but also because you need to keep your physical body in check!

a few pointers that help me are:

1. nothing good happens after midnight.

2. try to keep your drink consumption down to 2 - with a glass of water in between. if you can't stick with this rule, at least stick to number 1!

3. don't go to a party without having a little something to eat prior. i always eat a light, healthy meal or snack before i head out, that way i don't eat whatever is in front of me which is probably packed with sugar and/or flour.

4. and to keep your weight regulated, when you wake up in the morning, drink warm water with 2 tbs of apple cider vinegar. it detoxifies you and keeps you trim.

enjoy your weekend!