Ebb and Flow with the laws of nature.

happy full moon everyone! saturday was the official start of our waning moon period for the next two weeks. this is a great time to release anything that does not serve you anymore. detach yourself from any attachments you may have, and let the moon's energy do its work. being aware of our moon's cycle is paramount to living consciously.

every two weeks there is a new moon, and every two weeks there is a full moon. just like we have high tides and low tides, and seasons that change. there is an absolute ebb and flow to life that we can not deny. it's the laws of nature. it only makes sense then, that our bodies are in complete rhythm with this as well.

adopting a plant based diet allows you to tap into your bodies unique intuition.

the macrobiotic lifestyle focuses on the yin and yang (expansion and contraction) to everything. it's amazing to reflect on how you feel after you consume a certain food or drink once you're aware of this aspect. for example, an extremely contractive food would be steak, eggs, or salt. while sugar and alcohol is considered extremely expansive. it is obvious to note the difference these foods have on our moods.

to become peaceful and live a conscious life, we must strive to be kind to our bodies, so that we can be in touch with the mind/body connection. that way, as the seasons change, we can be more aware of different cooking styles and ingredients used, based on what the earth is growing in different parts of the world.

this is the 'big picture' which by definition, is what macrobiotics means - macro=big, bios=life.

life is  amazing and ever changing, and to be in tune with the changes is a gift. so. i invite you to notice the energy of the waning moon - during these next two weeks, clean out your closet, do a cleanse, or let go of negative thought patterns.  make space in your life so that by the next new moon, you can invite new energy into your life. out with the old, in with the new, as they say, right?!