Detox with this drink!

so, we all over-indulge every now and then, right? well, i definitely did at a cookie christmas party this weekend! i did my best, and brought my healthy, vegan, gluten-free treats, that were a hit! BUT, there were also vegan chocolate chip cookies staring at me, taunting me...these little guys had sugar and flour in them - something i try to avoid, but i gave into the temptation and enjoyed every minute of indulging! after all, it is the holidays, and it is natural to give into the expansive energy of celebrating. our lives are a constant balancing act, so with all that 'yin'(expansive food) energy going on inside, i needed to bring a little 'yang'(contractive) action back.

i do this with my tried and true, de-sludger drink, aka carrot daikon drink.

it is a popular macrobiotic drink for detoxifying. i drink it as necessary, but i also try and do mini cleanses with the change of seasons, so at these times, i may drink it 3-5 times a week, or if i'm trying to lost a few lbs, i'll drink it for 10 days straight, and then 3 times a week for 3 weeks. *you don't want to repeat that 10 day period for another three months because it can become too de-mineralizing though, so beware!* this drink consists of carrot and daikon radish - both root vegetables (a grounding food). daikon is a popular vegetable used in traditional asian cuisine because it aids in digestion and assists the liver with cleansing and relaxing, which can help with weight loss. you can saute it or eat it raw - often times i use it in a stir fry or my miso soup. it looks like a big white carrot. it is very medicinal and can be used for lots of home remedies.

the carrot-daikon drink is as follows, and all this info is straight out of alicia silverstone's book, the kind diet.

1/4c grated daikon

1/4c grated carrot

1/4 tsp umeboshi plum - minced/smashed

1c water

bring to a boil and simmer for 3 min. after 3 min, add 4 drops of shoyu (soy sauce) and simmer for an additional 4 min.

drink/eat hot. if you want to shred 1/2 nori sheet in it just before consuming, go for it, for a little extra calcium! i think it's yummy...

don't be put off by the horrible smell it exudes, it actually tastes sweet...:)