Breathing benefits

i absolutely love yoga. it took me awhile to find a practice that works for me, but now that i have, i am so grateful for it. it really trains me to connect with myself and just be. i do a kundalini style and a naam yoga practice. please feel free to google those two styles so you can learn more about them. they are both very restorative and healing and are really one in the same - naam just incorporates chanting mantras. i think it's really important to take time out during our day to recharge and renew ourselves by checking in. really, we should be checking in each hour, at least. but our days are hectic, and time gets away from us, i know.

ultimately, the glue that holds us all together is our breath.

whether you are taking a yoga class, stretching by yourself, going for a walk, working out, or sitting still and meditating, you are taking time to go inward, but really pay attention to what's going on in your body and in your mind. just observe. do you have incessant thoughts? are you anxious? are you emotional? do you have pain? etc....but what i find so amazing is how much control we have over our minds if we just pay attention to our breath.

breath is prana, which is life in and of itself.

without it, we are not living, so utilize it - it is a free gift. breathe long and deep and allow all that light to circulate into the parts of your bodies that need it most.

on that note, leafy green veggies are a light source as well. remember science class and everything we learned about photosynthesis? i can now appreciate the fact that we need that sun's light to grow these greens which allows us to then light up our insides, and in turn, the oxygen can do the same thing. just think about it. i find it so lovely...

anytime you're feeling a little 'dark' - let's say, frustrated, anxious, irritated, etc. just take one long deep breath and hold it as you mentally say, "light of light".

exhale slowly, and you will instantly feel calmer and renewed, i promise you! i do it all the time...just be careful, because you may get light headed. this is a good sign however, because this type of breathing actually alkalizes you and that reaction indicates that you needed it.

it's so amazing how everything is connected between what we put into our bodies and how it correlates to our mental and emotional states.

one great way to start practicing breath work is to inhale for 20 seconds. hold the breath for 20 seconds and exhale for 20 seconds. repeat for up to 3 min, and work your way up to 11 or 33. this can be your little quiet time to reconnect, recharge, and renew yourself everyday.

to find out more about breath work and yoga, check out my awesome yoga teachers' website @

peace. love and light :)