What are you "Favorite Things"?

one of my favorite things to do is read the oprah magazine. it is chock-full of inspiring stories, messages and mind/body awareness. you know i get excited about something when i whip out my pen and paper. for whatever reason, i always have to write down something that i find important...often times, i don't even do anything with it, but writing grounds me. i love to journal...and apparently, write blogs! anyways, there was a little 'favorite things' section in the december issue and i just wanted to quiz my own self on what my favorite things were from all the topics she covered. i think it helps to take inventory of what you like or don't like in your life so that you get a better sense of who you really are. i invite you to do the same! i think it's fun! but maybe i'm just a dork...ha!

get out your pen and paper and write down these following questions. then go back and answer. isn't it fun to see it written down?

what is your favorite way to spend a weekend morning?

-mine is sleeping in, eating a leisurely breakfast, meditating, taking a long walk or hike and perusing the farmer's market.

what's your favorite place to find inspiration?

-mine is in the oprah magazine, or at a class/workshop

what is your favorite beauty product?

-mine is anything aveda - i love their body wash, lotion and eye cream

what is your favorite cooking ingredient?

-mine are leeks. also throwing sunflower seeds on anything tastes better!

what is your favorite holiday tradition/recipe?

-i used to love going to DC for christmas, now we go to the cayman islands - i know, fancy! my fave recipe is all our family christmas cookies and chesscake (no, not cheesecake)

what is your favorite city?

-i think i'd have to say nyc - i just don't think it gets much cooler than that! but sf is right behind it...

what is your favorite accessory?

i'm obsessed with boots - any season! which goes hand in hand with my other obsession this season -tights...

what is your favorite music?

lately my pandora has been stuck on florence and the machine radio.

hope you had fun :)