Veganizing the holidays

with all the holiday parties, dinners and traditions, it is has become extra fun to try and incorporate my new eating habits into the mix! this is my second year without meat or dairy, so my family traditions of turkey for thanksgiving, ham for christmas and all the christmas cookie baking has taken on a new spin. some people may look at this new approach as daunting or even sad, but to me it's a new exciting project i can take on! this weekend i attempted to veganize our family cookie recipes. i thought it was going to be easy - substitute the real butter for earth balance vegan butter, the milk for soy milk, and the egg for egg replacer baking mix....well, it was not that simple. i went through many batches, and will admit that i got quite discouraged. but, luckily i have some trusty vegan cookbooks that are helpful! after studying some of their recipes to similar cookies, i can understand how some things work, and others don't...needless to say, i have transformed two recipes successfully!! and incorporated two more into my own repertoire!

i absolutely love the holidays and what it represents - family togetherness. food is at the forefront of these occasions and it is a symbol of love to cook for one another, so i am thrilled to be able to contribute to express my love for everybody in my life.

giving out baked goods is a wonderful way to do that, and is so simple. i urge you all to try one vegan recipe this year -there are so many online.

i'm really enjoying the recipes from the  spork fed cookbook. these girls are local chefs here in LA, and teach cooking classes and have an online cooking website as well. they are super cute and quirky! try their chocolate peanut butter cookies. i also took their thanksgiving classes these past two years and cooked the whole menu which was a total success!

keep in mind, even if you're baking without dairy, there is usually flour and sugar in the mixes, so check yourself before you wreck yourself! you can even experiment with gluten free baking mix to substitute the white flour, and can use brown rice syrup or barley malt as your sweetener to avoid crazy sugar crashes/binges.

check out for inspiration.

merry baking!