Combat Flu Season with these tips.

even the best of us get taken down by the flu. in my case, i was literally taken down in the aisle of the plane en route to see family for the holidays. it was such a dramatic, low, pitiful point for me...i knew my work week had been tough, but i didn't realize just how hard i ran myself down! there are so many contributing factors as to why our bodies become out of balance, but for me, i definitely think my body was trying to tell me to SLOW DOWN. my flu symptoms came full speed ahead while traveling all day through airports and airplanes, so i had to use my resources at hand to arrive in one piece. a quick call to mom, and the old-school remedy of ginger ale and saltines were her doctor's orders. i had to ignore beating myself up for drinking a drink that's second ingredient is high fructose corn syrup! and for eating processed white flour, chemical laden crackers to settle my stomach...i did what i could with what i had at the time!

there is a reason for ginger though, in helping us feel better when we're sick -ginger strengthens the nervous system and kicks all poison out of the body, it also promotes circulation and stimulates sluggish intestines...drink ginger tea during flu season. we can go straight to the root rather than via soda!

another tea for renewing strength, controlling diarrhea, relieving upset stomach or helping with weakness is ume-sho-kuzu tea. kuzu is a white root starch from a kuzu plant - you can buy it in packages in whole foods in the asian foods aisle. dilute 1 tsp in cool water and add 1/2 tsp mashed umeboshi plums with a few drops of soy sauce, you can also add a pinch of grated ginger and heat until thick and translucent.

to reduce fever, make daikon tea - mix 1/2 c. grated daikon with 1/2 tsp soy sauce and 1/4 tsp grated ginger. pour hot twig tea (kukicha tea bag - found at whole foods) over mixture. drink hot. go to bed, and rest.

i share these little home remedies with you, because we don't have to suppress our symptoms with drugs. our bodies are signaling to us that we need to stop and re-asses why we are feeling the way we are...and we need to be kind to ourselves and restore from within.

we have the tools for self healing, we just need to listen. be intuitive. do what's best for you. i was lucky enough to be headed to a relaxing vacation on the beach in the caribbean, where i caught up on lots of rest and was renewed with the healing rays of the sun and the ocean. i also am able to note that i was working too hard and exerting lots of energy and being extreme with my daily activities.over time, your body needs to relax - especially with the pace of our lifestyle.

80% of our immune system stems from our digestive system. this is where we digest food, but also life.

it is so important to take care of both. drink mint tea, eat garlic, whole grains and leafy greens to soothe the digestion and keep it alkaline.

and take time for visualization, meditation, quiet/reflecting time, or gentle exercise to digest emotions, feelings and thoughts. i hope you are all having a healthy holiday season, but if you feel run down - drink the ume-sho-kuzu tea, ginger tea, or kukicha tea!

to good health in 2012!