What we are to expect in 2012 and how to prepare for it.

happy 2012 everyone! i hope you had a chance to reflect on 2011 and all that you learned within that year. keep in mind that all challenges are your greatest blessings. since 1993, our planetary ruling has been under the sun, therefore, we have had an influx of new innovations, ideas and technological advances. as we leave this cycle and enter into the next cycle, we will be ruled by venus and will come into the age of love.

many mystics speak about the auspicious year of 2012 based on mayan, egyptian, and biblical teachings and how it will have a significant impact on our lives. are there predictions? who will be affected or vulnerable? do we care? and are we prepared for what's to come?

these are all questions we should ask ourselves...many people may choose to turn a blind eye, and may never have to be faced with these concerns, but for those of us who are aware, it is wise to prepare for it in the best way we can.

i had the privilege of learning from a beloved master and mystic at my yoga studio during an advanced workshop on the 2012 pentagram.

dr. levry taught us about what we will face this new year and gave us tools to be at the right place, at the right time so that we will be able to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. we cannot deny that the universe is governed by mathematical laws that take us through space and time, and that everything will eventually repeat itself again. there is a cyclical flow in life, and if we do not know where we come from, we cannot move forward.

so to understand the past cycles in life, we can then make calculated predictions as to what lies ahead. the last 'sun storm' year was in 2001. what catastrophic event happened then? 9/11...just throwin that out there! 2012 is another 'sun storm' year, and at the present time, mother earth is very vulnerable - there is a hole in the electromagnetic field. there is also a lot of solar activities going on with venus, moon and the eclipse.

we must strive to enhance our own electromagnetic fields and purify ourselves individually and collectively, so that we can all move through this year with love, peace and light.

the best way to do this is to wear a copper bracelet - everyone should wear one this year, to protect your magnetic field.

we should also be doing the yogic 'star pose', and working with the sound energy called naam.

please check out www.rootlight.com and www.naamyogaLA.com to learn how we can all take care of ourselves in this new year and new world ahead.