The best approach to cleansing that I know of.

who else is inundated with new years resolution emails, tv segments, and promotional advertising regarding kicking off the new year by losing weight, or being fit/healthy? while i think setting goals is admirable, i don't think we need january to tell us when to do it...we should all be continuously evolving into better versions of ourselves. yes, of course we hit bumps in the road, and we detour a little, but if we are living consciously, we should be able to check in sooner with ourselves, before we start down a path that's not what we had intended. i personally think if we check in seasonally/quarterly rather than annually, we would not beat ourselves up so much! i once read that having a 'to-do list' or goal list can create negative thought patterns in the brain, and that if people were to write up a list of accomplished tasks instead, they would feel better about themselves.

i think most people subconsciously have anxiety about daunting goals...

i have a 'grateful list' that i go through at the end of each day where i assess all the details of my day and appreciate it all for better or worse - that could be turned into an 'accomplished task list', if you is the opportunity to constructively determine if you would have handled a specific scenario/situation differently for the future - being grateful for having had that experience to learn from!

most people's biggest goal after all the holiday indulgences, is to start the new year off with a clean slate! to clean from the inside out will give you the best platform to approach all your goals. if you feel good from within, you will be excited to continue to grow and be motivated to accomplish anything!

so, i am always a big fan of a cleanse to jumpstart any endeavor where you'll need all the energy you can muster! again, i think this is something you should re-visit quarterly though, rather than annually...

anywho, there are a million cleanses out there and it can be overwhelming to know which direction to turn when everywhere you look, someone is trying to sell their version of the 'best, new diet/cleanse/fad/whatever'...

one cleanse that i know and trust, and appreciate is dr. alejandro junger's cleanse from his book, 'CLEAN'. his approach completely makes sense to me and i urge you all to read the book to understand the toxicity of today's world. it is NOT just all you meat lovers out there, can still reap the benefits of being clean! here is a link to gwenyth paltrow's blog, 'goop', where she posts about it:

my friend is also attempting to try a vegan cleanse featured on alicia silverstone's, blog, which sounds great for anybody who just wants a light and simple freshening up! i will try this one soon, and will let you know what i think!

happy cleansing!