The benefits of cooking for yourself.

i don't know about you, but i cook for one these days, and i find that it can be exhausting trying to keep up with my daily routine and then adding all the extra responsibility of food shopping, prepping, cooking, and clean-up for 3 meals a day! i strive to cook as much for myself as possible because i'm in control of knowing what i'm putting into my body physically and energetically. if i can bring my lunch 4 times a week to work, i'm satisfied. i have to give myself a break every once in awhile, and will order from a healthy local restaurant occasionally. and on my days off, i will often meet up with friends for a meal or two, or three...otherwise i would completely burn myself out with cooking round the clock. although i think it is very admirable for those who do!

but the reality of my single girl lifesytle is that i have to keep things simple, which usually means having a rotating menu of my standard dishes. but it's always fun to pick up a new one here and there to add into the mix! sooo, i was fortunate enough to take a cooking class from a very reputable macrobiotic chef named warren kramer, who was in town from boston this evening.

his class was titled, 'cooking for one, and the creative use of leftovers'. i am so excited to start using his tips! i wanted to give you a few little fun facts that were the highlights for me:

-a meal is classified as having a grain and a vegetable at one sitting. everything else is just a snack.

-every bean dish can be turned into a soup or pate. ie: chickpeas turned into hummus for a spread on your wrap.

-your cooking skill is a direct reflection of your own health condition. (if you're nourished, you will create nourishing dishes)

-millet is the best grain to use when trying to detox dairy from the body - it absorbs dampness, tonifying the spleen and cleaning the lymphatic system.

-beans are typically not cooked correctly in restaurants, and unfortunately have a bad reputation, but are an excellent source of protein, it stabilizes blood sugar, supports kidneys and adrenals and helps with skin elasticity.

-when you think about traditional cultural food combinations, they were always assembled for balance and energetically to go well together. ie: mushrooms and meat - mushrooms take the animal energy out.

-if you can't stand a sour or bitter taste, it's because your body needs it. ie: bitter greens support the liver. what we crave or can't stand, says a lot about our body's condition.

if you get the chance to take one of his classes or lectures, please do, it was well worth it! his website is:

here's a picture of one of his dishes