How to become less tense.

by definition, macrobiotics means: 'the big picture of life'. there is a yin and a yang to this equation. yang being the contractive force and yin being the expansive energy. finding that balance in life, is what we hope to achieve, right? well, i took advantage of having a private macrobiotic counseling session with warren kramer of macrobiotics new england, and am so glad i did! he was able to analyze my health and make recommendations for my lifestyle. what i found out, was that i was too yang. i like to think of myself as an easy-going, happy- go-lucky person, but he pointed out all the ways that i was too tight inside. our goal for me is to start becoming more yin.

i am so excited about this new approach! dr.'s orders=relaxing? sign me up!!

my prescription calls for variation.

eating lots of steamed, blanched veggies, mild sweets, vegetable teas and creamy soups all while sitting down without any distraction, chewing well, and eating my meals at the same time everyday.

he also suggested that i walk 30 minutes everyday, take showers at night to relax, and put a green plant in my bedroom.

these small changes will lead to big results! i can't wait to embark on this journey!

first things first, make a grocery list and start preparing my meals the night before.

i also have to limit eating out to 3 times per week.

eating out too often, even if it is a healthy restaurant, contributes to being yang, because too much salt is incorporated in their cooking.

i also have to steer clear of anything hard and dry, burnt, baked, roasted, cold, carbonated or an imitation dairy product.

think i have what it takes? i do.

wish me luck!