The most important thing on your TO-DO list

this new year is shedding light on everything that requires attention in my life. my healer friends in my yoga community tell me that our earth is experiencing solar flare-ups, which is leaving all of us in a kind of 'twilight zoney' state of mind. i don't know if you are experiencing these feelings, but my life this past month has been a series of mini earthquakes...all on varying degrees of positive and negative. i have had a couple 180's on where i am in life, and am feeling as if my head is spinning. i feel overwhelmed at times and sometimes wonder why my i'm left so exhausted at the end of the day when i don't feel like my work schedule is any different than anyone else's...although i don't stop moving from 7am til about 9:30pm, so maybe my day is more jammed than others'...? i give myself a couple hours in the morning to prepare my meals for the day, meditate, get ready for work and eat my breakfast, then i work and afterwards take time for daily exercise which includes a walk to get out in the fresh air, and/or yoga, then it's home to clean up and prepare my meals for the next day and to then catch up on emails, etc or meditate some more/read/study, then to unwind to a t.v. show and my nightly routine...i make sure i get about 8 hours of sleep per night but i still am pooped by the end of the week and find that the weekend just allows me to relax and regroup and then get ready for the next week ahead, all while trying to fit in some social time and catching up with my family back's an endless thing we call life. and i'm sure you all share in some version of that. the master yoga class i took with the founder of naam yoga, allowed me to gain a refreshing perspective. what he said really rang true to me: 'each day is a page in our book of life'. 'each night we die a mini death, and each morning we are born again'. this ultimately prepares us for what is inevitably ahead...i know you may view this as morbid, but what stood out to me was when he said, 'our tongue is the pen in each page of our story.' whatever we say affects us after we die. if we speak negatively about others or ourselves and engage in gossip, we will pay for it karmically in another life. whether you believe that or not, is up to you, but he did tell us that because he can see the unseen, so many spirits are trapped here on earth because they were too physically attached to material things in this lifetime. we are all granted freedom if we lead a clean, simple life, and it starts with our word. i needed to hear those words because its so easy to get caught up in the 'rat-race' of life, but there is so much more out there that we can't even comprehend which we have in store for us.

yes, it can be exhausting taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, but life really is all about love, truth and wisdom. when we connect spiritually and intimately we can detach and allow life to flow through us more freely. i will continue to remember we are not here to live to work. yes we have to make a living, but nourishing our souls is essential.

i hope this week allows you all to reconnect with your spirit and to let your heart lead the way. and remember that if you're experiencing little earthquakes, just focus on the sun and ride the wave as the earth continues to shift.