The benefits of chewing

chewing. what a concept! who knew it was so important? our modern day society is so fast paced that we don't even stop to enjoy our food. us americans are the worst! when i was traveling in spain last year, i was embarrassed to see that i was the only one with 'take-away' food and drink containers...nobody in europe eats on the run like americans do! nevertheless, chewing has taken a back seat in our modern world. and it's time to understand why it is so important to chew! as i'm learning more and more about macrobiotics, i've been introduced to a wonderfully written book called, "the good life", by denny waxman, which explains the reasons behind why it's so important to follow a format.

chewing is at the core. each bite should be chewed a minimum of 30 times. 50 is better. and 100 is the best!

the best way to encourage the daunting task is by setting your utensil down after each bite and placing your hands in your lap! that's right. just try it and you will be amazed at what it's like to actually enjoy your food - the tastes, the textures, the life force, the quality, the love that was poured into the cooking style, etc.the sheer aspect of connecting with our food is so beautiful, and essential.

not only does it allow you to tune in to what you are doing, the act of chewing secretes our natural digestive enzymes through our saliva, allowing us to digest our food properly.

hello! there's a reason why we have teeth - we're not supposed to inhale!

by taking the time to chew our meals, we naturally slow down to properly prepare our bodies for nourishment.

it is so important in this diet to SIT down while eating, without being connected to your phone, your t.v., your computer for a minimum of 15-20 minutes.

if you chew your food well, it will take you 15 minutes to finish, and that alone relaxes your body so the digestive process can work optimally. if your rushing, standing, driving, walking, doing a million things while you're eating and shoveling the food down your throat, you are doing your body a dis-service. you may find that you feel bloated or gassy after a meal, and if that's the case, just make this one adjustment and you will see results within 4 days!

our modern world is already making us tense, and by adding our unhealthy eating habits into the mix our insides are becoming tight as well. so treat yourself to 60 minutes out of your whole day to just soothe and relax your insides. your body will thank you for it, as you will feel lighter, clearer and overall more calm, centered and peaceful.

give it a go! chew a minimum of 30 times per bite for 4 days. it's challenging, but you can do it!