Eat your meals according to the sun.

as i'm learning more and more about macrobiotics, i'm loving how the philosophy makes so much sense when considering spirituality and planetary influences! it's all about energy.

planetary forces, moon cycles, tides, seasons changing, etc. so it only makes sense when approaching eating your food. food is medicine -nutritionally speaking and energetically.

macrobiotics really focuses on the energetics of it, which is obvious in the variety of foods eaten and the different cooking styles.

there is a reason behind chewing your food well, cooking certain ways, sitting down to eat, and changing how and what you consume as the seasons change. when it comes to mealtime, it should be aligned with the 24 hour period of the day - which revolves around the sun/moon! man, i love this!!

when the sun rises, it sheds it's light on the earth, allowing us all to be fed. that's why the hours between 6-8 is the best time to eat breakfast and align with this rising, burst of energy for your day! during the hours of 11-1, the sun is high in the sky, so the earlier you eat your lunch, the more energy you will have for the rest of the day because you are still working with that rising energy. by contrast, the later you eat, the more stagnant you'll feel because you are aligning with the descent of the sun settling on the earth.  you can choose to work with the last bit of it rising or the beginning of it settling to dictate how you'll want to feel - whether you need active energy or a more grounded forward to dinner, which should be eaten during the hours of sunset - typically 6-8, give or take. this point in the day is when the earth is commencing. this is what we should be aligning with - bringing family together, and personal connectedness. taking a break to do this is so important for the body and soul to be fed. we can break away after dinner and go about the rest of the night, but that settling and gathering affect is nature's way of allowing us to properly align our energies so that everything ebbs and flows smoothly.

eating regularly is so important for our bodies to regulate blood sugar levels, digestion and emotions. think about how natural it is for our bodies to be aligned with the sun's energy...i used to be hungry 1-2 hours after eating, and once i started regulating my meal times, i've become much more satisfied on all levels. try it for awhile and see how you feel!

in good health!