What makes you happy?

these days i'm realizing how challenging it is to stay in balance. we all have priorities and responsibilities, and the days fly by so fast! it's a balancing act and can be easily attainable if we just stay present. however, that in and of itself, is a challenge! a book was recommended to me, from a like-minded girlfriend awhile back. she and i are always talking about what the next best thing is for our future - what we want out of life, and which path we're headed down. i bought the book and it didn't really resonate with me, so i put it down for a few months... until i saw the author on the today show for the new years day episode! her name is gretchen rubin, and her book is titled, 'the happiness project'.

after hearing her speak about the effects she experienced during and after her project, it inspired me to keep reading. it's amazing how just when you need something, it appears! i often times will pick up a book or an article, and it's exactly what i needed at that particular point in time.

the universe is speaking to you when you open yourself to learn and be guided!

needless to say, i have been reading her book and have joined her interactive blog called, the happiness project toolbox. during my leisure days, i am often journaling, making lists, doodling or drawing my own mini inspiration boards, cutting out/writing down quotes/articles that i love, etc. this website encompasses all of these types of explorations in a concise, efficient way! sooo, i logged in, and got really excited about the start up questions!

i encourage you all to ask yourselves these questions and journal them.

i went back and was able to highlight certain phrases and from that point, was able to fill my own toolbox to keep myself grounded to live a peaceful, present life!

1. what makes you feel good? what activities do you find fun, satisfying or energizing?

2. what makes you feel bad? what are sources of anger, irritation, boredom, frustration or anxiety in your life?

3. is there anyway in which you don't feel right about your life? do you wish you could change jobs, cities, family situations or other circumstances? are you living up to your expectations for yourself? does your life reflect your values?

4. do you have sources of an atmosphere of growth? in what areas of your life do you find progress, learning, challenge, improvement, and increased mastery?

now check it out and get started on living at your utmost happiness! :http://happinessprojecttoolbox.com/