How to make better use of your energy source.

with the advancement of technology, we have become inundated with sensory overload. nowadays, it takes extra effort to pull ourselves away from the computer, the cellphone, the tv, etc because we are so electronically connected. have you stopped to think about what all that electric energy is doing to our own energy source?

yes, there's talk of how cellphones can cause brain damage, etc, and yes, i agree there are millions of things that can cause this or that or the other, but i'm just talking about how we feel on a daily basis...don't you feel easily irritated, annoyed, anxious, or over-stimulated in today's world?

this is easily seen with the road rage behavior or the impatient looks on people's faces in lines at the store...well let's look at our surroundings. i use an electric toothbrush, i use a hair dryer all day being a hair stylist, most people sit at computers all day, many people zap their food in a microwave, watch tv, are on the cellphone, etc etc etc....

we're getting wired people! and not in a good way...over time this chaotic energy will weaken our blood, create negative energy within us, and leave us with a dull buzzing from too much yin (spacey) energy.

i have a few suggestions for allowing your own organic energy to flourish.

first, i would say to surround yourself with lots of live plants in your home, or office, or any environment where you spend most of your time.

the oxygen with liven up your energy.

so will opening up windows throughout the day and letting in some fresh air - no matter the weather.

try to get out to walk for 30 min or two 15 min breaks to move the body and breathe in fresh air.

i would also suggest limiting your tv watching or leisure computer time to an hour a day.

try to compartmentalize your life. too many people are sitting at home on their couch, watching tv as they click around on their computer/laptop, all while checking their phones on commercial breaks, as their loved ones sit there and do the same or is so important to not be attached to these gadgets.

cherish the quality time you have with your loved ones.

sit down to eat a meal together without the background noise of a tv blaring.

put the phone away when you're out to lunch with your friend.

keep the computer in a designated work area.

allow certain times of the day when you check your personal email, fb/twitter account and texting correspondence.

it's so liberating to not feed off of instant gratification.

ideally, the 9am-9pm rule of thumb should be applied when it comes to being too connected. if you don't finish what you were supposed to, can't it wait? or could you have managed your time better during the day??

when we keep our lives placed in neat little drawers, i believe we can all fuel our energy in a more positive, vibrant way. we will become more inspired in our work space, more nurtured in our personal connectedness, and sleep better in our own sanctuary.

all of this relates to the element of feng shui.

keep your bedroom the space you retreat to-- no electronics allowed - just yummy linens, candles, soft lighting, and reading/relaxing material.

your bathroom should feel like a spa - indulge the senses with candles/scents, pampering products and warm/neutral colors.

the dining area should be strictly for eating,

and the living area strictly for lounging.

i hope you will all be feeling 'zen-ed out' in no time!