The benefits of Spring

spring is in the air. according to universal kabbalah studies, the universe had its birthday on march 20th, which means for the next 52 days we all will feel the effects of the universal sun period. this is the time in which seeds are planted and the sun supports all dreams/goals/ideas. it is the best time to put your ideas into action, to work on health or further your career. anything is possible during this time period. it's the feeling of re-birth and renewal that gives us that 'spring in our step'. with the days staying lighter later there is literally more light surrounding us and giving us more energy and clearer perspectives. i know i've felt the shift.

spring break will always be that ever anticipated week to let loose and have a little fun - even if the days of high school and college are over.

i had the pleasure of indulging in a much needed break in my routine a couple weeks ago, and i can't tell you how necessary it was. we all need to step back and assess every now and then to avoid getting caught up in our own little box. by just surrounding myself with different scenery, different lifestyles, a break from keeping up with daily tasks, and just letting go, allowed me to detach and ultimately bring in more clarity for my own life.

since returning to my reality, i've been spring cleaning - out with the old and in with the new! tossing anything that doesn't serve me anymore in order to make room for more abundance.

i highly recommend that you all do the same. i've thrown out loads of useless kitchen items, home decor, and furniture. with the universe supporting me,  i intend to give my life a makeover.

what seeds will you plant this season?