Do you have clear intentions?

i am pleased to find myself getting clear on the life i want to be living. this is a whole new experience for me as i am the queen of soldiering on; tackling one project after the next without setting clear intentions. my life turned on me a couple months ago. instead of myself controlling all the aspects of my life, my life started controlling me, and it swallowed me - there was no more kate left in this equation. that was when i had a wake up call. no more stuck in a rut mode, it was time for a life makeover from the inside out. i needed to get clear on the type of life i wanted to be living, only problem was i had no idea what that was...

i believe in the saying that everything happens for a reason. it is all about timing, and the universe knows when to present the tools to us. as they say, when you're ready to learn, the teacher appears.

well, wouldn't you know that just as i was slamming on the brakes, my friend invited me to a manifestation workshop hosted by jennifer pastiloff in santa monica, ca.

just what i needed. only, i didn't know what i was manifesting...i felt like a fool showing up to class without the slightest intention, while my other friends knew exactly what they wanted.

but as i learn in my yoga classes, come with your glass empty to receive. and sure enough, i did. we were guided through a series of moving meditations, prompted journal entries, singing, dance parties, and forgiveness exercises. i laughed, i cried, i smiled and explored. i walked away feeling drained and exhausted. it took about a week to digest what i had experienced, and as i re-read my journal entries, i started seeing my life in a new light.

the following week, i was invited to a goal setting workshop at lululemon in brentwood, c.a.

again, no clue as to what goals i would be setting, but open to the experience. after being guided through a visualization exercise, i was surprised to find what i saw for my life in ten years. again, new light being shed on my current state.

just to top off my self exploration, i decided to enroll in the handel group life coach crash course, set to be held in may.

the prep homework has me evaluating 18 different areas of my life.  yes there are 18. it is very eye opening to see my life staring back at me on paper.

what brings you fulfillment and meaning?

one thing i loved from the manifestation workshop was to make a joy list. write down anything and everything that brings you joy, and make sure you do at least one of them everyday!

this is what brings me joy: