Do you want to know why you feel stuck in a rut?

i have the answer! figure out where you can serve. it's that simple. any stagnation is a blockage in the flow of life. if you take, take, take, you are blocking the flow of exchange.

to give is to receive.

it's amazing what we can do each day if we set our intention on this simple act. it connects us as human beings and allows us to let life flow in it's natural rhythm.

ask yourself, 'how can i give today'? we take so much as humans. we eat too much, we breathe in too much air and we buy too many unnecessary items.

we need to restrict ourselves in order to earn what we are given. think about the fact that when we eat too much we create disgusting fat deposits in our bodies that just ferment and go rancid - gross, but true.

when we continue to breathe shallowly and not empty our lungs to purify ourselves, we create stale air inside us which can result in many bodily disturbances.

and why do we need to hold on to all that stuff?! go through your closets and i guarantee you could give some clothes to your friends or good will etc.

keep the law of circulation alive!

write a simple note to someone telling them how much you appreciate them. make somebody cookies just because. send somebody flowers to cheer them up...the list goes on and on and on.

it could just be as simple as complimenting someone, or passing along some info that you've learned that they could benefit choose.

either way, try to make it a daily intention to see where you can give today, and i promise you, you will break out of your stuck-ness feeling.

love. peace, and light to you all.