Set your intention and then LET GO.

Naam Yoga Teacher Training, Cabowell, this post is long overdue! happy summer to everyone! i hope you are all enjoying the expansive energy that is summer - relaxing and spending long filled days with the sun on your face and loved ones nearby. i most certainly am! i'm so happy to have you all to report to since i've taken you along in my journey - whether you like it or not! as you all know, this year has been one for peeling off many layers of my onion to get to the core - tears and all! i'm realizing how much courage it takes to really face my challenges and struggles head on, and have now turned a big corner to start reaping the benefits!

a couple posts ago i told you about my manifestation workshop, my life coaching workshop, and my harmonyum training.

i knew i needed to make a change about a year ago, but didn't have a clear vision of where i was headed, but the universe presented these opportunities to me to start to see what type of life i wanted to create.

i was able to raise my level of consciousness and see what was, and wasn't working for me in my life. all that wasn't working for me served as lessons and stepping stones to many blessings, so i wouldn't change a thing, but i am fascinated by the power behind the work i've been doing!

i couldn't see it at the time, but i laughed to myself the other day, realizing that the silly intention that i set in the manifestation workshop back in march with jennifer pastiloff, a yoga teacher in L.A., has actually come to fruition.

my actions were put into motion a couple weeks ago when i decided to quit my job, pack up my life in LA, and move back to my hometown on Cape Cod, without a plan and with complete surrender in letting go.

as silly as this sounds, the first exercise during the manifestation workshop was to complete a sentence starting with "I am...". for whatever reason i filled the blank with 'carefree'.

'i am carefree' - what a silly little word.

clearly i knew i had been feeling too stagnant for too long and wanted to lighten up my life - well i've certainly manifested that, and it feels oh - so - good!!!

i am taking a much deserved shavasana and allowing all the work i've done for myself to work for me.

i'm relaxing, healing, letting go and letting God...there's so much healing space in nothingness.

i hope you too may enjoy yourself a shavasana and let the sunlight heal you where it needs to.

look around you at the dazzling beauty in nature. make a pitcher of homemade ice tea and drink it from a wine glass. or use peaches from the farmer's market to bake a peach crumble.

organize a potluck dinner with friends or family.sit outside to a meal. look at old photos. go for a long leisure bike ride. go to an impromptu baseball game. sit in a park and catch up with a friend. lay in a hammock. cook new recipes.

these are just a few of the many activities i've been able to do in my new carefree lifestyle!

i hope you can enjoy some of them too!