New England Road Trip

i was able to maintain a vegan lifestyle with ease, as i stumbled across many vegan restaurants while living in L.A. the more restaurants i found, the more fun it was to become inspired by their dishes to create at home. in turn, creating a domino effect of mastering the knowledge and practice with my approach to eating whole, natural foods. with that being said, having a variety of vegan restaurants to choose from when you need a break from your kitchen was a luxury!

the best of the best surrounded me in my L.A. neighborhood, where i could relax in knowing i was being served an animal free, fun, alternative spin on my favorite comforts from my past.

i mean, come on, who doesn't love a good cheeseburger? or pizza? or ice cream sundae? or nachos? we vegans gotta get our fix somehow! i will mention here for the record though, that in all honesty, i prefer my cooking on a daily basis to going out because i take pride in what i feed myself.

but, it is imperative to get a break and have someone else cook for you and serve you, to experience foods that you don't regularly cook for yourself. i am utterly (no pun) grateful and appreciative for the revolution in vegan friendly menu's and restaurants! it is amazing how a vegan version of our favorites can be re-created to satisfy our nostalgia.

now that i'm back on cape cod, i'm left with some slim pickin's...granted, i can find a vegan option on any menu with a little tweaking and re-designing (always being articulate and sensitive to my server). but the 'fun' foods are hard to come by - luckily, there's an app for that!

the 'vegan' app. or go online and check out to, or yelp and type in 'vegan' and you can find places in your surrounding areas. or blogs - one of my favorites in L.A. was, but the best is word of mouth.

this is how i came to find 3 AMAZING vegan spots this weekend while over the bridge.

if you are ever in the providence/newport area, you must try Keen-wah Super Food Eatery in newport, where you can satisfy your lunchtime burger craving - YUM!

then head over to the amazing vegan food truck, serving up all things soft serve in providence- from ice cream floats to shakes, and beyond into the candy world, at LIKE NO UDDER (great name).

for dinner in providence, you must try garden grille cafe - their tacos are scrumptious and their carrot cake, divine!!

i was like a kid in a candy shop all day! it was heavenly. i intend to eat my vegan way through new england to report on all my findings!

two other delights that put me into a blissful state recently, that need mention in the boston area are, true foods bistro in sommerville.

an awesome place to get your fancy, eclectic spin on!

and life alive in cambridge - it is sheer grounded-ness comfortingly warming and inviting on all levels - i could literally live there!

stay tuned for my next recommendations! til then, please comment on your favorites that are must try's!