Transform and Heal with these tools

sept. 22 marked the fall equinox for 2012. we are now in our last quarter of the mayan calendar and it's time to get busy to face what lies ahead! since then, i've been riding the waves of transformation and healing that the universe is providing.

adding to this very significant, auspicious time, the full moon shone bright this weekend, which enhanced my experience at a vibrational sound healing event last night. listening to the tibetan singing bowls and gongs from all over the world for an hour was truly blissful.

it is amazing how much healing is abundant here on earth - from the food we eat, to age old yoga poses, through meditations, voice, and sound  - it is all connected to the source of light.

from eye contact, to physical touch, to a smile, we all have the capacity to heal and uplift others. it brings me great joy to be in the presence of such intuitive healers along my path, one of which, is my lovely yoga teacher, michele demelio of naam yoga in west barnstable, cape cod, ma., who led our fall equinox class, based on the teachings of master and mystic, Dr. Levry.

she shared some self healing techniques with us, giving me great pleasure in taking responsibility in sharing with all of you!

but first, please check out for an extensive amount of information on healing.

drink. from a copper cup, that is.

please buy yourself one - Dr. Levry has stressed the importance of placing boiling water in a cup at night before you go to bed and drinking it in the morning for many healing benefits.


your smile can uplift others and illuminate the world. it's very simple and contagious.

community. commUNITY.

the essence of oneness. it's such an important part of life. our soul's purpose is to connect with other's, and the best way to do that is by getting involved with the life that surrounds you. find out where you can put your gifts to good use and be of service to others. maybe it's through your yoga studio, or fitness class, or local businesses or restaurants - actively look into events going on in your area through your local newspaper or magazine and come together.

listen to triple mantra everyday.

this is such a powerful mantra that removes internal and external blockages/challenges in your life, allowing you to raise your vibration and stay in a 'safe space' to evolve to your highest self. download it on:

during the fall season, according to chinese medicine, the lung and large intestine are actively detoxing, which is why we see a lot of colds and flus. the accumulation of mucus trying to leave the body creates unwanted symptoms.

there are many home remedies for this, but incorporating garlic will improve your immune system and aid in decongestion.

a cure for the cold, from the book, "The Divine Doctor" by Dr. Levry, states that before you go to bed, combine 2 parts ginger, 1 part black pepper, 5 parts basil leaves and 1/2 garlic clove boiled in almond milk and sweetened with brown rice syrup. then drink.

i'm currently doing my own home remedy per my macrobiotic counselor, Warren Kramer's orders because of a 'fat depost' that's accumulated at my wrist - which directly correlates to my lung meridian. sounds gross, but i promise it is not - just looks like a little cyst the size of a pea. i'm drinking daikon tea each morning for 10 days and am watching it slowly disappear - it is fascinating!

daikon is a magical healing food that helps remove old and deep animal fat deposits from the body. the

tea relaxes the body and liver. bring 1/2 cup dried daikon to a boil with 2 c. water then simmer for 20 min. it tastes sweet and yummy, but stinks up the house, so beware!

keep riding the waves of transformation and evolution this season! in love and good health...