Change your life with these tips

it is absolutely divine what we are capable of attracting into our lives when we set an intention. the challenge is to let go of the attachment.

you see, whatever seeds we sow, we will reap eventually, but we don't have control over when.

there are tools, however, for staying in the most beneficial time and space, to keep your vibration with the universe elevated.

the best tool known for us here on the physical plane, is working with the mantra, TRIPLE MANTRA.

it can be downloaded at

please play it in your car on your way to and from work, or at home on low while you sleep, cook, etc. it is POWERFUL.

try to comprehend this for a moment: here on earth, we are working on the physical plane, but our being is much more than what we see, in fact it is only 10%.

the remaining 90% deals with the astral/emotional plane and the divine plane (this is where everything begins).

so think of it as a triangle - the top being the divine, below is the astral, and on the bottom is the physical.

you could also use a tree as a visual. the seed below the earth is where this creation actually began -representative of our divine plane - our thoughts/seeds.

the actual roots can correlate to the astral/emotional level, and the trunk and branches of that tree.

ultimately the fruits/flowers/leaves become what we actually see - the physical plane.

when you vibrate/chant/listen to triple mantra it works with the divine plane, neutralizing any negative thought patterns you may have, so as to not attract negative aspects into your life.

in essence, it protects your electromagnetic field, aka your aura, which extends 9 ft. in all directions. any challenges internally and externally, will be removed. you will raise your consciousness and be in the positive flow of the universe.

that being said, there is no room for blame or moping here.

YOU are a direct result of what is happening in your life right now.

whatever happens to you is based on your level of consciousness, so please take care of yourself. it starts with you first. your sweet, little heart. it's full of love. let that love burst from your chest and dazzle in your eyes, illuminating your face with a smile.

there are so many ways to give self love, but prayer and meditation are foremost.

it doesn't matter what your belief system is, devote at least 11 min. per day, preferably when you wake up, and/or before bed. maybe you just sit in silence, maybe you make a gratitude list, maybe you pray or meditate while listening to triple mantra, but do it in a sacred space.

find a little nook in your home that you love - create a source of inspiration! put a few of your favorite things on a table next to a comfy chair or pillow with a candle burning, and a pretty little plant.

you will instantly go to your happy place.

give it 40 days and you will have implemented a new routine into your life.

a second way to establish self love is by cooking for yourself!

it is the only way we can control our health. i can't stress that importance enough. for the next month or so, try to limit eating out to no more than 3x per week, as in 3 meals per week.

it may sound challenging at first, because believe me, i didn't know how to do anything in the kitchen until recently, and was a regular at my favorite take-out spots.

but challenge yourself to create simple, satisfying meals at home. rip out a few recipes at the beginning of each week from the internet, or cookbooks (my fave is alicia silverstone's, the kind diet because they're simple, satisfying meals) and make enough to re-heat leftovers for lunches/and simple foundations for dinner.

in no time, you will become a food snob, and not crave eating out! restaurants use too much salt (even healthy ones) and sneak in sugar, so be in control of what you put into your mouth.

if nothing else, it at least establishes an awareness.

also, the simplest way to connect with your soul, is to say a silent prayer before you eat. thank all those hands that it took to bring the food to your table, and for mother earth supporting us with the nourishing, nutritious ingredients to sustain our health and vitality, so we can enjoy the gift of life and the beauty that surrounds us.

stay in your hearts and lead an inspired life of love!

watch what you attract - you will become a magnet.

remember, you are a mirror-image of everything that surrounds you.

keep moving in the direction of health, taking each day at a time, to set your intention of becoming a better version of yourself.