Clear up your skin conditions naturally with this remedy.

kukicha! no, i did not sneeze, but thank you! i'm talking about a twig tea from japan. it's something i drink everyday and has improved my digestion and skin miraculously! kukicha tea is naturally alkalizing, and acts as an astringent for your insides.

you can also use it as an exterior astringent, directly on your face as well! i used to boil a cup weekly, and keep it in a covered jar in the fridge to use as a toner morning and night while weaning myself off acne medication.

i struggled with acne in high school and the only thing that cleared up my skin was the birth control pill (a whole other reason my digestion was out of whack...i will talk more on that later). once i went off it, my skin flared up again. i tried to be patient and use all natural ingredients, etc., but there's really nothing worse than not feeling confident without makeup to hide your pimples. after all, i was 27 years old - come on, i'm over this already!

whatever is going on with your skin is a direct result of what's going on with your digestive process.

whether you have a rash, dry skin, pimples, etc., most likely there is an imbalance of bacterial flora in your stomach.

the best way to decrease the unhealthy bacteria is to limit your sugars - which come in the form of certain fruits, flours, alcohol, and the obvious forms...

you want to create an alkaline environment inside  to re-establish new healthy growing bacteria!

kukicha tea is the simplest way to do that!

my skin cleared up in about a month after drinking it daily, and using it as a toner. it also evens out skin tone, and helped clear up my dry scalp...try this little gem of a beauty secret!