Satisfy your sweet tooth the right way.

i dream of belgian waffles. each individual square slathered in earth balance vegan butter swimming in a little pool of maple syrup! does it get much better than that?? well, yes if you get really indulgent and add whipped cream or berries on top! or for that matter, you can choose to have ice cream on top at some restaurants. orrrr the latest crazy combo craze of fried chicken and waffles.

clearly, these little fluffy, crispy, sweet, doughy treats are the perfect vehicle for shoveling whatever you'd like into your mouth!

the weekends are for relaxing and treating yourself, are they not?

all the dedication and discipline i exert into my healthy lifestyle still deserves a satisfying treat every now and then! which is why i LOVED my santa monica vegan restaurants...sadly i have not found a restaurant here on cape cod that can accommodate my out of the ordinary 'fun' meals.

i used to look forward to Real Food Daily's waffle option on their sunday brunch menu, so i've decided to re-create it in my own kitchen! luckily, my dear friend and macrobiotic cooking instructor, karen garvey daisa in L.A. put together a series of recipes that she knew i'd enjoy! she knows i love my 'fun' food but i can't get too crazy because as alicia silverstone points out in her book, "balance begets balance, and crazy begets crazy".

words of wisdom to life by, i'll say. i have witnessed myself, a time or two, in a deep binge of sugar and flour, thinking oh my gosh, she's out of control, and there's no stopping her! its as if i were having an out of body experience...dramatic i know, but humorous to observe!

sugar, flour and alcohol make you 'high' and lead to cravings of more and more stimulating food.

this is that delicate balance of yin and yang that we talk about in macrobiotics. to bring yourself back to a grounded state of clear, conscious choices, sit down to a cup of kukicha tea or a whole grain meal with will be back to reality in no time.

but whoa, watch out for those 'benders'.

my point is, that if you can't get some play into your diet, you will give up on your healthy intentions, because variety is the spice of life, am i right?

needless to say, this morning's task to satisfy some cravings was a success!

i whipped up some quinoa flour, corn meal, rolled oats, almond milk, brown rice syrup, flax seeds, baking soda, baking powder, and water in a blender.

i heated up a skillet with coconut oil and pan fried my little macro batter into pancakes (the next best thing to waffles). they were a little runny, so it took a few tries to get a perfect looking pancake.

i admit, i had one perfect one in a stack of 6...the last one ended up in little blobs as i tried to get fancy and flip the pan without using the spatula...

it landed all down my clothes and onto my bare feet, but ya know what, sometimes i'm a little gross and i saved those little suckers and put them on the plate, justifying the 3 second rule...

the mess in the kitchen and the not so pretty looking pancakes tasted scrumpdidliumptious!!!

i spread on my vegan butter and maple syrup and got my fix! of course it was accompanied by a side of steamed kale and kukicha tea.

what do you salivate for on sundays??