Step out of your comfort zone.

while we are in the waning moon, i've been struggling with the art of letting go. during the two weeks of the moon waning (from full to new moon) our intentions should be to let go of all that does not serve us in our life. some things are easy to let go of --clothes that don't fit us anymore, or are out of style, clutter in our homes, food that's gone bad in our cabinets and fridge, but its the idea of letting go of incessant thoughts, or judgement, criticism, envy and anger, resentment and anxiety that are more challenging.

who would we be without this wall of protection and identity?

sit with that for a moment...if you were free of wallowing in your own stew of poison/negativity, what would you have to dwell on? what would you complain about? what do you really have to offer to the world besides gossiping, envying others, or other self destructive habits?

it's pretty mind boggling to think that we actually like feeding our own dark side. it's our comfort zone. it's what we know, it's  how we've struggled through life, it's our armor. but what if we took it away...removing the illusion we've created about ourself, and exposing the raw, intuitive truth of our unique essence.

think of all the glory waiting to serve you in a positive way, which will push you into evolving into your highest self!

since i've been eating a vegan/macro/plant based diet now for almost three years, i've witnessed myself unraveling like the peels of an onion...each layer exposing something new for me to discover. as i've become cleaner, my body is more sensitive to that which does not serve me...but who am i without wine?!!!

i LOVE wine! i love the art of swirling, sniffing, tasting, name it, i love it! and who doesn't love a perfectly made margarita?! or the cocktail menu at a restaurant...i mean, what's not to love?!

but for the past 9 months, it has become more and more clear, that my body despises it! alcohol completely derails my health for up to a week...i don't sleep, i become out of balanced, i start the vicious cycle of bad digestion, and my vitality is bueno!

if i'm reallllly honest with myself, i feel so much better when i cut alcohol out of my life...i've explored the idea a few times. i am no alcoholic, but maybe one night every 2/3 weeks will usually present itself with a drink. i have set out the intention to not drink for a month before, and i am my best self.

i do believe in the saying, everything in moderation, but how many times am i going to keep knocking on that door...hoping that i can get away with drinking and enjoying it?

it's a sad sad story of trying to let go...but who will i be if i do?

i'm sure you all can relate to something that you know doesn't serve you, but you keep 'dancing with the devil', in hopes that you won't have to learn how to be without it in your life...