Learn how to navigate through your life

i love learning about the planets and how they affect us individually and collectively! i have been studying universal forces of kabbalah (not the religion) for some time now. the wisdom is deeper than any religion could ever be. it originated in egypt, and literally began with the word, aka, naam -- the creation of expressing ourselves with our tongue.

it is the way we communicate with the divine world.

naam is the combination of kabbalistic study and kundalini yoga. together it's a beautiful fusion of mastery; the understanding of how the universe works.

kabbalah is the study founded upon by the mystical truth of the mathematical application of understanding space and time, in this life. when you understand your blueprint, based on your planetary influences, you can literally create your own destiny and manifest your dreams.

if you abide by these laws of nature, you will be at the right place, at the right time, and in the flow of life.

each of us were born via a specific planet, becoming the essence of who we are. each planet comes with a set of gifts, so that we may shine, and evolve with the challenges of that planet's characteristics. each planet has a light and a dark side to push us to become our highest self.

if it were all easy peasy, we would become lazy and careless, and on the flip side, if everything was so hard, we would not learn and strive to feel peace.

once you learn about your personal planets and your planetary calendar, you can harmonize with these influences.

i have a wonderful friend and planetary coach who is helping me design my destiny.

we all have so many resources available to live the life we want to live! patricia resides on cape cod, but all she needs is your birthday to work her magic! check out her website @ www.worksofarthealing.com.

you can also go to www.rootlight.com and click on the akashic record tab to input your birthday info.

you will find out everything you need to know regarding your business life, relationship advice, health and happiness! what have you got to lose?

knowledge is power, and  it lies within the truth, the wisdom and the eternal light source...