YOU can make the difference!

if you haven't seen the new movie, Lincoln, yet, please do. what a fascinating portrayal of a revolutionary leader and extraordinary visionary! maybe it's my meditation practice, maybe it's my age, but these last two years have been a very transformative time for me. i literally feel my heart opening and bubbling over. i'm extremely moved by the vibration of love that surrounds us all. whether it's in this lifetime or another, in dreams and other dimensions, i feel the pulse of love holding us all together.

it's like that moment before falling asleep, that small space in time that's fleetingly tangible to feel sheer peace and non-attachment--the veil that's lifted from the illusion of reality that we're in. call it what you may, but it's the connection to our higher power.

it's where healing happens.

i learned this in my harmonyum healing training. it's an energetic healing technique that raises your consciousness to allow you to see what is and isn't working in your life. check it out:

we all have gifts and talents to serve for the greater good of humanity.

this, and only this, is what i'm realizing is our soul's purpose.

how simple! if we could let go, and focus on what we have to offer, our world would be a better place. what we reap, we sow--we all know that. we all deserve abundance. but to serve, and not be selfish, is a delicate balance for fulfillment.

when we live our soul's purpose we find happiness, peace and fulfillment. if you're feeling empty, find out what your gifts are, and put them into action!

think about the magnificent leaders in history. they were born into their lifetime to change the world. we were born into this lifetime for a reason too, my friends.

Jesus Christ, Buddha, the Founding Fathers, Christopher Columbus, Moses, Abraham Lincoln, Antoni Gaudi, all of whom were extreme radicals in their thinking and behaviors persevered through their oppressive societies, and look how they revolutionized and impacted our lives today!


they believed in what they stood for--the goodness and love in our hearts, with the connection to our higher purpose.

they left their mark in their lifetime. how will you leave yours?

we only have a few weeks left of 2012, and will be entering into another cycle of the universe ruled by the planet, venus--the ruler of love. only every 26,000 years do we enter a new cycle, and here we are, in our lifetime, experiencing it.

and how significant is it to have love be the only glue to hold us all together...