Love yourself with food.

we've all heard that saying, "you are what you eat" might sound sort of childlike, but how you want to look and feel, is directly related to what you put into your body. we all know this on some level, but try to come down to this simple child's perspective with me. as they say, the truth is simple. if you eat a muffin, you'll have a muffin top--don't make it more complicated than it needs to be.

forget about the nutrition fact labels, forget about diets, and how many grams of carbs are in an apple, and let's get real with food--just as it is.

if you haven't read michael pollen's book, ''in defense of food", please do. he eloquently illustrates the concept of how we've gotten away from our perception of the food on our plate. instead of eating our sandwich to fill our bellies and bodies with nutrients and satisfaction, we're automatically calculating how many calories we just consumed, and how many carbs or protein or fat we're getting into our 'daily allowance'. totally absurd! but unfortunately, this is the americanized mindset in our modern society.

food offers us so much more than nutritional content. its an opportunity to come together with family and friends. it's a way to celebrate. it's a way to seek comfort.

it's an opportunity to practice self-love.

ultimately, it's God's gift to us--it's nature's candy. but, i'm not talking about packaged goods on the shelves...i'm talking about food in it's natural, wholesomeness. you see, once you start eating cleaner, you start thinking and feeling clearer.

i literally have become one with nature. it's a total mind, body, spiritual connection now. it's a beautiful fusion of energy, awareness, and love with myself, and the planet as a whole.

when i eat kale, i feel like a leafy green--i feel bright, flexible, vibrant and airy. if i eat squash, i feel soft and calm. when i eat too much nut butter, i feel thick and sludgy. etc. etc. get the point.

so stop worrying about numbers, and start focusing on ingredients! how do they process in your body? how does it make you FEEL? everybody's different,especially depending on your lifestyle, so explore what works for you, but keep it simple.

keep in mind that whatever you're seeing on the outside, is exactly what's going on, on the inside.

for example, if you have any kind of skin issues, you most likely have an imbalance of bad bacteria in your gut. if you have dark circles under your eyes, you most likely are stressing out your adrenal glands/kidneys.

but more importantly, not only are we what we eat, but what we are experiencing in our life, is directly related to how we're treating ourselves.

what better of a way to treat yourself with love, then to be kind to your body by eating whole foods?

be gentle and compassionate with yourself. take care of yourself, and the universe will take care of you.

life begins and ends with you, so love yourself and all your flaws, and breathe life in and out.

vibrate the expression of your true essence.

all my love to you <3