The collective consciousness shift.

my beloved teacher, master, and mystic, dr. levry, has been repeatedly expressing the importance of how intense the last few months of 2012 will be. we could never have comprehended the consciousness shift that is happening in our universe right now.

it has been an emotional roller coaster for me, to say the least. the more spiritually awakened we become, the more light we let in. that light then shines on the shadow areas that need more attention--that's how it works.

where there is light, there cannot be darkness, so we must continue to face the dark side of all things in life. the universe is mathematically held together by polar opposites, dancing together, ebbing and flowing. changing. evolving. the yin and the yang of life.

i asked a friend last week if it was just me becoming more spiritually awakened, or if the world is lighting up before our very eyes?

she looked at me intently and said, "yes, the universe is becoming illuminated!"

then she shared the best youtube video that moved me even more, to conclude that the world is lighting up, one soul at a time! the song and video was by, the maccabeats, called shine.

i'm sure you all are seeing subtle shifts in your lives that causes you to feel full of light and of love. are your hearts bubbling over and are you moved to tears more often? are you feeling a deep sense of connectedness to all beings? are you realizing the simplicity of the meaning of life--that which is love?

i know i am, but i see it shining in so many others.

the shift is happening. the 26,000 year cycle is ending and we are moving into a new one.

what a phenomenal time to be alive! take a moment to appreciate the significance of being here on earth to experience this shift...each one of us plays a role. that's why it's so important for us to access our divine potential.

what are your gifts to share with the world? how will you contribute to the collective consciousness to raise the vibration of love, peace and light?

we all have the capacity to feel alive, vibrant and free--free of worry and doubt, fear and anxiety. creation is the expression of who you are. when do you feel totally clear, connected and inspired?that is your expression of love--your voice, your gift. it is the channel/portal into your soul--your soul's purpose.

finding this truth is what the universe is experiencing right now...

what i have learned is that from 12-12-12 through 12-21-12, we are literally merging with the heavens...this ten day period is a bridge/portal ascending from heaven down to earth, which leads me to believe that its no coincidence to the tragic event that just transpired... where there is light, there cannot be darkness, right?

i haven't known how to digest my emotions from that horrific day because i just can't understand the why...what gives me a sense of peace however, is that this has forced us all to find hope and faith in our hearts.

my dear, loving, yoga teacher led us in a beautiful healing meditation tonight to help us all cope.

she symbolically helped us to realize that in an instant, hope can be restored, by lighting a match to a candle, and igniting that flame that resides within all of our hearts.

as sad as this situation is, i do believe it is a test for us as humans, to understand that we are all brothers and sisters. that we need to shine bright like the sun and the flame in our hearts, so we can come together in unity and in love for world peace.

the holidays are a wonderful time to tell everyone just how much you love them. keep your faith alive and find peace in the christmas lights and music to uplift your spirits, and shine on...!