How to simply be happy.

this is my new mantra, taken from gabrielle bernstein's book, 'spirit junkie', as i sit here in paradise, looking out from my balcony through palm trees, to the turquoise colored caribbean sea, in the beautiful cayman islands.

to sit here and feel the wind blowing on my face, and to listen to it whip through the leaves ignites my inner peace. these past ten days have been exactly what i've needed.

spiritual guidance shows up in so many ways. it could be through a friend, or any person for that matter, through an inner voice or spark of inspiration. however many shapes and forms it shows up, nevertheless, it does.

as cliche as the saying is, 'it's the journey, not the destination' in this life.

and what is life to you?

this answer for me, has been the grand finale of the unveiling in my deep spiritual work of 2012, here in grand cayman.

i have been gently guided into all the necessary situations, scenarios, and suggestions during this significant year, and at many times, have been confused and frustrated. i have second guessed decisions, and felt totally isolated and stuck. had i not experienced these challenges though, i would not be able to finally understand my soul's purpose.

i have a lot more inward work to do, but i have finally peeled back the layers of that onion and am now left vulnerable and completely open.

the clarity i'm seeing is that all the potential for a sense of wholeness and completeness resides within all of us, we just need to remove all the walls that we've built around our heart (those illusions we've created of what we think is 'the truth').

the tools i'm blessed to take with me as i enter into a new year, is a peaceful sense of faith and trust in myself.

in feeling comforted knowing all that i ever need in this life is in my heart. my soul's purpose is simply to be happy. to expect to experience all that i can and more. to do what i love and love what i do.

to me that means to stay inspired. to give into that subtle pull/call/voice that draws you to something. and to not let judgement, fear, negativity, doubt or worry creep in. those are all illusions.

gabrielle bernstein is a spiritual mentor who has been the anchor to all the wisdom i've obtained over the years. she's helped me get grounded in allowing myself to dwell in the space i've created for self healing, and ultimately, self-love.

it's now incredibly clear to me where my attachments lie. they are all fear based and centered around control. but guess what? we are not in control of our lives. something far greater is, whether you believe it or not.

once we let go and allow our hearts to open to love, we can find peace in our own selves, and see love in every encounter, trusting that our soul's purpose for being here on earth is to ENJOY THIS GIFT of life.

then we can help others separate themselves from their illusion of reality, and realize that all that is life, is the present moment.

the here and now.

the wonder of creation. to feel the wind on your face. to stare at a flower a little longer. to trust that your hammock is secure amongst the trees to sway. to let the salt keep you afloat in the ocean and to let yourself go...let yourself present.

be still and witness your thoughts, as you connect with your breath and the life force that constantly flows through you. this is life--this is it. it's time to arrive--wake up!

there's nothing more you need to do, there's nowhere else you need to be or need to figure out.

when you surrender to the 'non-doing' you can allow for the inner guidance to take over and guide you into the next moment...easing through life and enjoying the ride...

in 2013 i intend to do a little more 'non-doing'. to do one thing at a time--simplifying my life and letting spirit guide me in the 'letting go'.

to release and forgive all that does not serve me. to not judge others or gossip--to see myself in them, as equal and a mirror image of myself.

to let my heart continue to open and to invite only loving thoughts and actions into my life, so that i may find peace within the moments in each day.

to do a little more of what brings me that peace--in yoga, riding a bike, journaling/blogging, taking more pictures and cooking more food. enjoying my connections with others and feeling filled up from inside, instead of grasping for external 'things' to fill me up.

my wish to you in the new year is to trust, trust, trust that you're being taken care of. do a little more of what inspires you and slowly fall in love with yourself. happy new year, dear friends! xx