Beat the winter blues.

do you have the winter blues?

allow me to explain why. according to kabbalah teachings, we are in the universal planetary ruling of saturn from january 27-march 20th. saturn is the lord of karma.

the energy of this planet sets restrictions and obstacles in our path to allow us to learn and evolve, if we welcome it. whatever seeds we have sown will resurface under this energy. during these 52 days, we all experience the energy of what feels like a dark cave.

it is a time of introspection, forcing you to see what does and doesn't work for you in your life. the laws of nature ebb and flow with the change of each planetary ruling every 52 days. subsequently, we have support or limitations in our favor. the latter being our experience right now.

hopefully this will give you some validation and understanding of why this time of year may be difficult.

when you design your life according to the constant changes in the universe, you can navigate with ease.

take a deep breath, and know that you have all the will within you to persevere through tough times.

if you haven't seen the movie, "life of pi", i highly suggest that you do. it's a magnificent story of hope, faith and love. often times we overlook the essence and beauty in our daily lives, but to really FEEL connected, inspired and safe, we must choose to see what surrounds us--love.

we must choose to have faith that the impossible is possible. we must believe that we have within us, the power to push through blocks, ignite our unique gifts and talents, and create miracles. our needs will be met, but we must trust that it will come in the form that's best suited for us and at the best time for us.

patience is a virtue that must be practiced, and only comes with maturity and wisdom.

saturn teaches us the importance of this deep, spiritual growth.

to ignite the limitless power and creation within us and blast through the obstacles, we must strengthen our aura.

the aura is an electromagnetic field of energy that each of us possess. it extends out at 9ft. in each direction and encompasses the 90 percent of ourselves that we cannot see. just as we meet the needs of our physical body with water, food, sleep and personal hygiene, we must meet the needs of our spiritual/energetic realm.

i recommend during this time to go inward, and find what does and doesn't serve you.


make a list of where you're thriving, and then make a list of where you're stuck, getting all your thoughts out on paper, forcing you to look at them directly.


dedicate 11 minutes of silence to yourself each day. turn off the noise of the world and focus on your third eye--the space between your eyes in your forehead.

practice long, slow, deep breathing through your nose. allow your inhale to expand your stomach, then your lungs, then your chest, and then exhale first through your chest, your lungs and then all the way out your stomach so that your belly button reaches the spine--let all the air out, and repeat.

the breath controls the mind and will allow you to become neutral, so that you may hear your inner voice--your intuition--your guiding teacher.

do star pose daily.

to further strengthen your aura, practice doing star pose daily for a total of 8 minutes.

this is THE best pose in yoga to do, according to naam yoga therapies. it opens all the meridians in the body, allowing the flow of energy to circulate and push through stagnation. it balances the polarities in the body, and has the ability to close any gaps in your electromagnetic field where negativity can seep in, or your own energy can escape, causing you to feel burnt out and depleted.

stand with legs spread apart as far as they can go, and your arms straight out, parallel to the floor at shoulder level, palms facing up, so you look like a star.

you can chant a mantra, preferably triple mantra, which can be downloaded on, to remove any internal and external obstacles.

or you can practice your long deep breathing while holding this pose for 3 minutes. then switch so your feet come together and your arms are clasped above your head, elbows straight and covering your ears, for 5 minutes.

when the time is up, tighten your body and hold for a few seconds and then fold into a forward bend to let the energy settle upon you and work its magic!

get grounded.

it comes as no surprise, that during this time of year we intuitively crave heartier meals. our bodies know that its a time to go within, to strengthen and to nourish, so choose stews, beans and whole grains to keep you sustained and grounded.

there is no denying the ebb and flow of the universe and the changes of seasons. when we welcome the energy, the energy can flow through us with ease. if we go against the laws of nature, and eat cooling fruits and raw salads, we are just causing unnecessary frustration and angst on us as a whole.

walk outside for a total of 30min daily.

our bodies need to move, and we need to be surrounded by nature. there is strength and great life force, also known as prana, in trees.

a tree is deep rooted and strong, providing us with the energy we need for endurance. no matter how cold it is, you will feel invigorated after being outdoors.

get out of the stagnant heat circulating in your home, and the lethargy of sitting around watching t.v., zapping you of vibrant energy from the electrical currents in technology.

open your windows.

circulate all the stagnation in your home, letting nature's life force enter and uplift your spirit. crack the window in your bedroom, your bathroom, and your kitchen for 30minutes a day. notice the energetic shift.

by march 20th, you will be a stronger, wiser, more loving being, ready to plant your seeds during the universal sun period, where the universe supports all that you desire!

much love,