How to create the life of your dreams!

i'm sure many of you watched the oscar's like i did last week, and were in complete awe of their talent! the inspirational seed that birth's the creative expression in all aspects of the entertainment industry is truly amazing. inspiration is your heart singing.

it's the creative spark that lies within each and every one of us. what is it that you find yourself constantly thinking about, or drawn to? it could be anything. it's your passion and your interest that's unique to only you.

the only difference that separates a celeb from a non-celeb, is that they followed their spark. often times, you'll hear their stories of living pay check to pay check and getting rejected over and over again, but their passion kept pulling them, and they let it guide them.

our hearts should be leading the way, not our heads.

yes, our intellect is very important too, but the heart should pave the way, and our mind should asses as we go. please don't underestimate your own intuition. when we're in tune with our heart, when we listen, and become more conscious and less reactive, we won't be steered wrongly--i promise.

don't you find it fascinating how we can connect the dots in our lives, noticing how something you experienced a long time ago, is serving you today, in a way you would never have guessed it to?

this is your creation unfolding.

you're designing your life each and every day, gently being tugged in different directions as your heart desires. usually at the time, it doesn't make any sense, but you were drawn to that person, that thing, that adventure because the little voice inside you told you to go for it.

to live a fulfilled life, our source of inspiration must be completely activated! we are the author of our own story. every word that's spoken is written, and is a result of our thoughts (often subconscious). once it's written, it's put into action for manifestation. we can choose the life that serves us best.

just start.

it's really that simple, just start to let your heart lead the way, and guide you to do the things that bring you joy and inspiration. stop telling yourself that you'll be happy when you 'finally have that dream home, or that dream job, or that dreamy love'. everything is at your fingertips right now--just access it!

make a list of what brings you joy.

for me, i love healthy food, daily walks, exploring, reading, researching, organizing, massages, music, yoga etc. if you start prioritizing doing at least one of the things that bring you joy each day, before your responsibilities, your life will change, and you will become happy, peaceful and fulfilled--finally.

i'm sure many of you are rolling your eyes now, saying, 'yea kate, in a dream world i wouldn't have to work, etc. etc. etc...'

this is your lack of faith in the abundance you're entitled to.

when you start filling yourself up first, you will feel the unconditional love and support from the universe, and you will align yourself with the ebb and flow of the constant giving and receiving, effortlessly flowing, creative outpouring, that is YOU.

you're only depleting yourself when you operate from a place of 'i have to, i can't, it's not that easy, etc...' because you're not letting the essence of your unique self shine through!

when you fill yourself up with love for yourself, you naturally give love everywhere you go, so don't for a second think you're being selfish!

just start--today. do one thing that inspires you. you won't want to go another day not doing it. who knows, your little love for doodling, could turn into a masterpiece of art someday! just look at all that came before us, and how their little 'vision, their call to create' has left behind a legacy. your gifts are to be shared with the world! that is your soul's purpose.

if you don't know what makes you happy, you need to meditate! go within.

find your soul's purpose with this meditation/mantra:

wahe guru wahe jio. chanted for 11 minutes with hands interlaced in front of the solar plexus, eyes closed and focused at the third eye. change for the next 11 minutes, bringing your hands up to your heart center while hands are still interlaced, but extend the pointer fingers up.

download the cd, and find the mantra on track 3:

if you know what pulls you, let it already!

trust the process and LET GO!

the more you control, the longer it's going to take for you to get what you want out of life. i'm not telling you to be irresponsible, i'm just suggesting that you ignite that creative expression of who you are each and every day.

be the person you want to be, live the life you want to live, NOW.

trust yourself.

in health and happiness,