Find your sweet spot

one size does not fit all, now does it? this is why 'diet's' are not suited for everyone, certain supplements aren't necessary for everybody, not everybody needs the same amount of sleep, should eat meat, shouldn't, etc. etc. etc... it's hard to keep up with all the information we have in regards to health and wellness, and that's why it's so important to listen to yourself and become your own doctor, your own teacher, your own guide.

for me, i listen when my body tells me its story. anytime i have a frustrating physical symptom, i become proactive and let myself be guided to healing. macrobiotics has been a very influential approach to my health path. i can't say enough about how it cleared up a lot of debris, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally too.

i believe that freedom comes from structure.

to feel vibrant, we need to have a plan in place. if we don't have the proper foods on hand, we're likely to grab something not ideal, to satisfy our hunger, or craving. if we stay up all night on the computer, or watching t.v., we're depleting our energy source--same goes for if we don't get outside everyday and move. without a proper structure to our day, we will become distant from our intuitive, mindful capacity to be the best version of ourselves.

BUT, once we master the art of structure, we can play a little!

it's not healthy to become too rigid or narrow minded in our lives. when we do that, we block the flow of creation.

macrobiotics is known to be a healing diet, but it also literally translates to the meaning, 'the big picture of life'. naturally, there is an ebb and flow and a yin and yang to the philosophy.

but you have to ask yourself, 'what works for you'?

for a year, i was a hard core macro, but once i found balance within my structure, i started to see what parts of the diet didn't work for me, and i've since tweaked my approach to eating.

i relate this to my kundalini/naam yoga practice. my love for this practice has kept me from trying other styles of yoga, until recently! i'd always been very resistant to vinyasa flow classes because they're uncomfortable--all the more reason to try it!

there's a fine line between structure and rigidity, exploration and resistance.

my macro world has now been reshaped by the ayurvedic world, and my love for naam and kundalini has new meaning for me now in the vinyasa world. everything is connected, and evolves in its own time.

i'm finding that 'sweet spot' in life, just as you find in a yoga pose, where the foundation and alignment of your health and body can now find it's ultimate place in the world.

ayurvedic practices focus on the three different doshas--a sanskrit term for the biological energies found in the human mind and body--our unique blueprint. it's a more individualized approach, unlike the broader spectrum of macrobiotics. macrobiotics helped me to establish the structure i needed, to then understand through ayurveda, what could support me in other ways.

through discipline and structure, you move into a soft, supple, flourishing being, open to new experiences, open to the flow of life, and a vehicle of moving energy.

to start finding your 'sweet spot', first develop some proper structure. eventually, your energy will flow in and out of you efficiently, allowing your intuition to ultimately guide you.

embark on establishing a peaceful, fulfilling life, by taking what worked for me and will always serve me, from the basic structure in macrobiotics:

sit down and eat at regular meal times throughout the day.

breakfast should be between 6-8.

lunch between 12-2

dinner between 5-7.

take a walk every day for a minimum of 30 minutes.

surround yourself with green plants--in your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

keep the air in your home circulating, by opening windows.

limit electronic use as much as possible. television time is usually no more than an hour a day. it zaps your energy.

get to bed by 10. going to sleep with the world, helps your body reset and recharge properly, keeping you vibrant by reducing kidney stress.

my kundalini/naam practice has ignited my inspiration, my creativity, peace and fulfillment by keeping me anchored in love. it's a beautiful fusion with macrobiotics because it connects us to the laws of the universe.

it is a MUST to meditate for a minimum of 11 minutes per day. pray, sit in silence, go within, follow your breathing, open your heart and surrender what does not serve you.

if you follow this structure, you will find your 'sweet spot' in the world and be more peaceful, and happier than you could ever dream imaginable.

in health and happiness,