The answers to your most pressing questions

naam translates to mean 'the word'. it's our connection to spirit. all your answers lie in the word.

naam is the beautiful fusion of kundalini yoga and kabbalistic principles.

when we have a question of how to do something we turn to google, right? the answer to any question we have is literally at our fingertips. the same is true when we have a pressing matter, or a question, we can turn to our hearts for the answer. sounds too esoteric, right? well it's true.

try to stay with me on this: when you speak, you are creating--you are literally planting a seed of manifestation into the world. you are the scribe and the author to your life, your movie, or your book. the tongue is the pencil, the pen, or the keys of your computer.

everything you've ever said has been written.

what makes us, as humans, unique, and closer to spirit, is that we can literally communicate with the divine. we can form words and sentences that become creation in and of itself. when you speak, you are communicating to the universe and your heart is that source of all creation.

your heart is the eternal flame that is ever present in your life. it's the heart chakra that is your own inner compass--your guide, your intuition. it is the soul that connects us to life, of that which is love, originating from a higher power that gives unconditionally. are you following me? you are a beacon of light. you are the sun.

all that you need to know lies within you.

your unique energetic vibration radiates out into the universe and is reflected right back to you. all your questions can literally be 'googled' in your heart. whether you can hear, listen, or read the answers all depends on your level of consciousness.

i can literally laugh now when i realize that whenever i have a question to something and ask it aloud to myself, the answer lies in the exact question. for instance, i was wondering the other day whether i should commit to staying on the cape or not. i asked myself, "what do i value?" the answer was my health, my spiritual practice, my family, a sense of adventure and connecting with like-minded people. everything was checked off my list which made me realize, that i have all i need right here. boom--the answer lies within the question.

instead of saying, "why did this happen to me?", ask yourself "what caused this to happen to me?". instead of complaining, "why doesn't he want me?", ask yourself, "why don't i value my self worth?" get really honest with your answers, to formulate your questions, and you will start to learn how to navigate through life.

within a 24 hour period, you can literally ask a question to the universe and receive a sign telling you which way to go. this is the answer, your intuition, your guiding light at work. you just need to be open and receiving of the truth. wake up, and pay attention!

to raise your consciousness, we use mantra with our naam practice.

the space between the sound vibration that your mouth makes and the reception of how your ear perceives it, is that gap where all the answers lie.

your heart and your mouth are in constant communication. that energetic vibration between sound and stillness is where the magic happens.

depending on what you're working on, you can access specific mantras and implement them into a meditation practice, to heighten your awareness and receive these answers in your life.

it has been scientifically proven that by doing something everyday for 40 days, you can neutralize subconscious patterns. another 40 days of the same will negate these patterns, and the final 40 days, totaling 120 days, results in manifestation.

when you chant along to a mantra, you are communicating with the divine world.

when we are still in meditation, we allow our intuition to come forth, but by chanting mantra, using vibration, we can cut through space and time and reach the level of consciousness we need quicker.

if you want peace, healing, self love, strength, prosperity, abundance or to find your soul's purpose, you need to get to work on raising your consciousness within that specific category. you will dissolve all the blocks that have been subconsciously created and reach new heights (literally) of total clarity, to hear, to listen and to receive all the answers that lie within you already.

check out under the music tab to access the mantra that's right for you, and start your practice today!

i love you.

in health and happiness,