Do you know where you're going?

I landed back on my home turf last night from a beautifully fulfilling experience of traveling in europe. I like to believe that the life we are gifted is meant to be lived as if we were on vacation all the time. Some may argue that life is like a classroom, full of lessons. Either way you choose to interpret it, it's a grand gesture of abundance--navigate as you will. For me, I perceive the concept of free will as if I were plopped on a stranded island and told to find pleasure in my life as I see fit. We are given endless choices, and ultimately become the sum of all our experiences.

The gift of travel allows one to see the countless ways we are all interconnected, with multiple elements surrounding us at all times.

Everything inevitably comes back to the heart center--the source of all that is good; that is love.

We cannot know where we're going unless we know we're we've been. Our lineage and our surroundings shape us into who we are today. We have absorbed energies and are reflecting them back out into our world, moment to moment, day to day.

But have you ever stopped to think how you've connected the dots and built your foundation? Who are you and what do you have to offer?

Our ultimate purpose is to lift the veil, to expose our truth, to become one with the creative energies surrounding us, raising our consciousness, and collectively uniting as ONE.

To find out what our truth is, is essential.

Traveling offers the inspiration to experience others' inspiration--what fueled their fire, and motivated them to change the world? Inspiration is in anything, from style, to food, to cultures, to communities, to structure and design, to businesses. This being the art of expressing a vision; a means to leaving behind your legacy and ultimately changing the world by using our unique gifts and talents.

The opportunity to serve is our soul's purpose; our life's work.

To be able to serve, we must first know our truth, and then stay aligned to it, knowing that if we do, we will fill ourselves up with fulfillment, and not allow anything that does not serve us, to diminish our spark.

So, i ask you, what aligns with you?

Your truth is the very essence of you and therefore, your highest self. If you stay aligned with your truth, you will be the best version of yourself--your highest and best self.

For me, it has taken some serious work to dig up the garbage that clouded my perception of my inner truth. My life had just been 'happening' to me up until about age 29. Til then, I had been fumbling around in the dark, feeling my way through life. Today, I am 31 and all the lights in the house are on. I can see exactly where i've been and now know exactly where I want to go. It's the most liberating feeling in the world, and available to us all, as our birthright!

We all have our own path, some getting there quicker than others, but it ultimately takes effort to really go deep and become inquisitive about how you've arrived where you are. Take inventory and become honest with yourself. Quiet that mind and let what inspires you rise up, and trust that subtle push.

Where do you find happiness? What subjects interest you? What gets you excited? How do you like to spend your day?

Answer these questions, and go with that...just follow it. You don't have to know where it's headed. your heart knows the best way, I promise. I would never have guessed that I am now the person I would become a few years ago. It's sad to think I never let my soul emerge. I was too busy doing what I thought I 'should' be doing.

It helps me to document everything. I literally write down anything that I like, or anything that I don't like. It keeps me anchored in who I am. I literally stay in the light--I channel it. I hone it in. I surround myself with everything that I love as often as I can, and I now can find an appreciation for the opportunity to grow, when I find myself in a situation that I don't align with.

Traveling takes you out of your comfort zone. It offers new challenges of your level of flexibility--how you stay in the flow. Our anchor is our heart, our inner compass, our balance point--unique to each of us. We will ebb and flow, trying a little of this, or a little of that. This is life--the gift of abundance.

To know thyself, all the good, the bad, and the ugly is your foundation, your home--a place you can always retreat to and feel loved, supported and nourished unconditionally. Once that is cultivated, you can see yourself connected to the endless stream of all the moments in your life, and how significant you are in the grand picture.

Dr. Levry states that, ''Simplicity is divinity. Divinity is simplicity''.

Just "Do what you love and love what you do".

That is all folks. Just channel it and choose the life you want to live, but first chip away at what has shaped you.

The quality time I spent with my cousin, allowed me to piece together the puzzle even more so, and gave me a greater appreciation for the sum of all my parts. It has inspired me to stay connected with my loved ones and keep my foundation strong. I plan to write a note to them all to keep the energy alive. I hope this can inspire you to 'water the grass in your backyard' too.

Here's an exercise to help you think of who you are and what that means to you.:

Take a piece of paper and make two columns. one side labeled, 'I AM', the other side "What this means to me". make your list. it's a beautiful unveiling of your truth. Enjoy.

Remember to bask in all your experiences and honor yourself. After all, you are the only home you have--treat it with kindness, gentleness, grace and dignity. You are a beautiful vessel of light, just waiting to shine as bright as possible!

Go out into the world and give back for all that you've received. Stay connected in the endless circle of life and love.

In health and happiness,