Neutrality is our reality.

Attachment. What a tricky little word. Who are we without things, people, concepts? It's an everyday challenge to cultivate a neutral mindset, and not get swept up in the pull of the material world. Thankfully, we have the gift of each day to start anew. All we can do in this life is be like a swaying tree--rooted in the earth, bending with the wind.

It is our job to listen to our truth and to understand who we are--where we came from and what we intend to put back into the eternal flow of life. This is our responsibility as a human race--to collectively raise our consciousness to be love.

This means we must take care of ourselves first by nourishing our spiritual, emotional and physical bodies.

How are we to do that when the noise from the outside world is so loud?! We have people and places pulling us in different directions all the time. We have temptations surrounding us, and responsibilities weighing on us.

How are we supposed to live out our truth, if we allow our emotions to take hold of us, distracting us from what truly brings us everlasting joy?

I'm sure you can all relate to the incessant thoughts that just won't quiet in your head. To the low energy you may feel, or the heavy energy that won't allow you to lighten up and laugh more?

We are born to be free, to relax, to seek happiness, to give love and openly receive love, uninhibited and vulnerable. Think of a baby. They intuitively feel the unconditional love and support from the universe because it is a mirror image of what they experienced in the womb. We all come from love.

So how and why do we start to feel anxiety, doubt, worry, insecurities and frustrations? Because we've gotten away from love--love for ourselves and the love and gratitude for all that we have right here and now. Fear has crept in and left us vulnerable to auto-pilot mode.

When we practice checking in with ourselves throughout the day, saying "Thank You" for each experience that presents itself, whether it's what we perceive to be good or bad, we can automatically shift our mindset back to love, and away from fear based thoughts.

Recognize that what you see is the truth. Your mind wants to give you an illusion of that reality. You can find peace in realizing we don't have to make what we see or experience any more complicated than it is. The old saying, "it is what it is", is really all you need to know.

It's liberating to accept life for what is actually happening, right here and now.

Will you listen to your head, or your heart?

The head is always louder, and constantly in a state of duality. Why would you trust this illusion? Every thought that's been deeply coded in your subconscious replays and amplifies itself if you let it carry you away.

The only way to control the mind is through breath work.

The breath reigns in your wild horse's thought patterns. Any time you feel anxious, you can always come back to your breath.

Long, deep breathing filling your belly, then your lungs, then your chest, in through the nose and exhaling out through the nose from your chest, lungs and belly for 3-11 minutes will take care of you.

Or you can do 3 part breath to calm your nervous system. Inhaling through the nose for the count of either 11 or 22, holding for the same count, and exhaling through the nose for the same count, for a total of 3-11 minutes.

The heart is your inner compass. It's rooted in wisdom and holds all of your answers. Unlike the head that acts as a noisy child, begging for attention, the heart is wise and true.

Your words, your eyes and your hands are an extension of your heart.

Look to them for guidance. Pray, meditate, chant mantra, or sit in silence to let that voice be heard each day.

To be like the tree, we must be still. Observe the incessant thoughts and your uncomfortableness in doing nothing.

This neutrality is the simplicity, that is divinity. This gift allows us to drop in to our bodies, and say hello. Give yourself that gift for a minimum of 11 minutes per day.

If we're attached to elements outside ourselves, we rely on that object for fulfillment, when really the fulfillment needs to come from inside.

We know we need to fill ourselves up first, and when we do, everything in our lives becomes a mirror image of that love, peace and light within us--just look to a baby's life.

That fulfillment comes from connecting to your inner self through meditation, breathing, or stillness.

Our birthright is to experience an abundance of joy, of truth, and of love, so it is not selfish of us to take on the responsibility of self love.

It is however, actually selfish of us to place our happiness in somebody or something else outside of us, in hopes of that bringing us what we seek. To share love, we must be love.

The tricky part of this concept of attachment, is that we are not alone, and actually do need support from one another.

The love, guidance and support comes from all of our surroundings--whether in the form of a person, a book, a sign, or a feeling. These are the energetics at work, directing us to our hearts, so that it may lead the way, so that we may bend in the wind as we flow through life.

So as much as we have the sole responsibility to love ourselves first, our surroundings support that process, and therefore make the world go round--the glue holding us together of that which is love. Do you follow?

We must learn to trust in that guidance to bring us unlimited happiness if we let go of attachments.

You can hold on to each gift for a moment, but you must release it just as fast as you grasped for it. We're tasting life as we go, enjoying the ride, not going on the same ride each time, or standing in the same spot--staying open and receiving of new possibilities.

Without variation, we become stagnant and block the flow of life's abundance. You wouldn't want to be stuck in Groundhog Day everyday, now would you? Variety is the spice of life!

To hold on to something so tight, does not grant you the bounty of more abundance that's in store for you. Remember that love is sacrifice. Whatever you love so dear, you must be willing to let go of, trusting that the less you consume, the more receiving you are of endless gifts.

The other tricky aspect of attachment, is that we must hone in our deepest desires, and step into the light of our intentions.

If we are too wishy washy or have many desires, the intention may become weak, and we may not have the capacity to manifest them.

The key here is to be clear about your intentions, and then let them go.

Have the desires, but don't rely on them for your inner most happiness. Know that your happiness comes from your connection to the source of all creation--to feel grateful for all you have, to feel your inspiration, and direct that flow of energy into each day, is the art of neutrality.

To be nothing, to do nothing, and yet to encompass everything, is what will bring us pure bliss--swaying like a tree in the wind, enjoying just being alive, witnessing, receiving, serving, and staying connected, is where we can ground ourselves in our hearts.

In health and happiness,