Your main source of nourishment.

The universe is constantly guiding us and reminding us that we don't need to force anything. The minute we surrender to the struggle, the magic appears and everything opens up to us, beyond our contrived, limiting thoughts. What needs to be said will be said, who we need to speak to will present themselves, where we need to go, and what we need to do, is all part of the grand orchestration of our lives. Each opportunity offering us a chance to give love, and BE love if we allow ourselves to stay in the flow.

The energy in the solar system these past couple weeks has contributed to many shifts here on earth. We are all changing and everything that needs to be revealed to us, is coming up in a big way. The lunar and solar eclipses, on the full and new moons are magnetizing our motherly and fatherly energies within us, to awaken our collective consciousness!

As soon as we become aligned with our truth, all the guidance, love and support will show up for us. But to align ourselves, we must have complete faith and trust in the universe, and allow our hearts to guide us, accepting the subtle pull in each direction.

Trying to force something or shape it into what you think it should be is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. If you make it authentic to you, that key hole will be the perfect fit for the unique key, that is you, to unlock the many gifts you're entitled to.

When you allow yourself to be drawn to something, you are trusting in your unique path, knowing that you don't have to figure out what will come of it.

Everything will just keep unfolding and you will become the essence of that truth, and embody the spirit within you.

To honor your truth, you must nourish your soul.

Nourishment does not only come from food. Without love, we cannot exist. Love nourishes our soul and is the only way we can survive.

We need food for vitamins and minerals. We need air to breathe in life's force. We need love to literally come into this world--the miracle of life and all of creation being from the mother's womb.

I had been trying to articulate my thoughts on nourishment this week, having gained more clarity about relationships with food. Finding comfort and joy in food and all the attachments that come with it, is really just mirroring the relationship we have with ourselves.

Looking at relationships we have with others also reflects the way we treat ourselves. As does our relationship to nature, and the way we spend our days. This understanding shed light on all the many ways we can nourish our being. We can get into our own personal rhythm by accepting the lessons of what's being mirrored back at us.

We all know that happiness is an inner job. It comes from within, and wherever you go, there you are--you can't run from yourself! Allow the divine being that you are, to shine bright, by allowing yourself to be nurtured!

To feel euphoria and to stay in the flow, we must nourish and nurture the heart center.

Food and our physical body is just a manifestation of our divinity. Yes, we need to feed it properly, but that is just one component. For as much time and energy as we put into exercising and eating well, we should be doing the same, if not more, of feeding our soul what it needs!

We need to embrace who we are, and learn to see who we are, as it's reflected back at us in our situations and our relationships with others.

If you accept this challenge, to get real honest with yourself and learn what you need to, you will soon be flowing in your personal rhythm, trusting in your path, and opening yourself up to all the abundance you could ever dream imaginable.

One day at a time, one step in front of the next, you will soon become your highest and best self if you stop trying to force things! I've taken a break on all that I've been trying to force in my life, and just as soon as I surrender to the challenges, the guidance shows up! I can't help but smile and shake my head in bewilderment to the divine synchronicity at work. Certain things have started to fall away that don't serve me anymore, and I'm able to comprehend who I am.

I am a sum of all my parts.

There is a masculine and a feminine side to us all. We must nurture that, and learn from our family and loved ones, how that resides in us.

We can always come back to center if we get lost in nature, just as we do when we come home. They are one in the same--our inner compass; our heart. A walk on the beach or in the woods can uplift your spirits the same way that your mother's voice or father's guidance can comfort and protect you. Our world surrounds us with this nourishment in love, support and guidance.

Happiness comes from within, but is ignited from the glue that holds us all together--love. We are a sum of all our parts.

Love is creation. The creation that is seen in nature, and is understood from the miracle of birth, which is a result of sex (creation itself), is that creation in us, begging to be expressed. So let your soul go where it needs to go, do what it needs to do, and be where it needs to be, to continue to rise to any occasion to be a beacon of love. We then become that nourishment for the rest of the world. Pretty powerful, huh?

Allow yourself to be loved, to be taken care of, to be nurtured and protected. Stop resisting and thinking you can do everything on your own. We are all one, and are here to have a shoulder to lean on or a smile to give. Be receiving of love so that you can be that love, to give that love to the world. This is the food chain in the spiritual realm!

We all encompass a mother and a father energy. Being that it is Mother's Day this weekend, I felt this was the most integral element of the idea of nourishment. Today in yoga class, we called in the divine feminine aspect of our soul, and everything clicked for me: My mother's light is the same light that's within me. What I see in her is a reflection of what I see in myself, and what a great gift that is!

A mother is a beacon of heaven--the most intuitive creature we have here on earth. She is nourishment.

Without her, we do not exist. Embody your maternal nature, and be the food for the planet, the support that is the earth, the miracle of creation, and the source of all love. Visualize your mother with all her best qualities, and become those qualities today. Step into your own light, aligning with your own essence of love and truth by nourishing your heart, and feeding it what it needs.

A simple, yet powerful way to honor the mother and female energy within us, is to say a prayer before each meal in gratitude for Mother Earth supporting us with food. She is the source of all nourishment.

Happy Mother's Day to all! You are a sum of all your parts and a powerful miracle worker!

In health and happiness,