The key to transformation

I had been on a roll there, of posting blogs once a week, but I started to fall stagnant these past couple. I'd always heard of writer's block, but didn't really know exactly what it meant until now. I have lists of ideas that I could write about, but for whatever reason they didn't feel right. I wasn't in my groove/feeling the flow. This blog has been a source of my creative expression--a place I can go to articulate all that swirls around in my head. I teach myself, and in turn help to inspire you, if you're interested.

Regardless, it has to feel authentic, and I recently started trying to make it something I thought it should be. The thing is, I don't even know what I'm really trying to do with the blog, and that's where the doubt started creeping in.

You see, I have notes and notes filled with ideas and inspiration of things that I'd love to create, but I go round and round with them, never feeling like I'm really getting anywhere. If you were to look at my notes from a year or two ago, you would read the exact same things I'm writing down now, just a little more refined.

So what does that tell me? That my soul needs to express itself! So, I try to force it, push it along, beating myself up because, why haven't I developed it already? Why am I not where I want to be just yet, personally and professionally?

The impatience is persistent! Sometimes we feel these road blocks, or writer's blocks in life because the timing isn't right. Everything happens in due time. Our destiny is working for us, we just need to align with it to know that we are right where we need to be, to relax into the process.

We rush though each day, for what, so we can go to bed? We need to enjoy the moments that are strewn together in life, trusting that when something doesn't feel right, or if we feel tired, anxious or unsure, that we need to stop and sleep on it. The space of nothingness is where everything becomes clearer.

Trying to force things, and mold them into what it should look like is limiting. We need to make our lives our own--to be authentic and align with our true selves. If that means stopping for a while and taking a break from what you're working on in life, so be it. When you return to a safe place, it's as if you've returned to the womb--a place where you can stop and nurture yourself, and enjoy that comfort before you make your next move in the world. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others.

We transform after practicing patience and compassion with ourselves, instead of pushing and breaking through.

If we instead soften into the challenges or the resistance, we can allow for the transformation to happen. We have to feel in order to heal! If we don't acknowledge the process, we won't arrive at a new place, we will just keep finding new obstacles in our way until we say hello, honor it, find out what it is we're supposed to learn from it, and embrace it as part of who we are. Give love to the areas that are lacking. They're just trying to catch up, and fall in alignment with your truth.

For instance, I started picking up my yoga practice recently and have been doing more power vinyasa flow classes. I'm noticing that my right shoulder and my right ankle have been giving me a hard time. I'm quick to judge those areas and think I need to work it out with a chiropractor, etc., but you know what? I know that what's actually happening is something much bigger. My body is aligning itself correctly, it just takes some time. So I acknowledge it, I send it love, and I'm gentle with the process, rather than trying to fight through it, and ultimately putting strain on other areas.

This is the art of patience being expressed to me through my body. The patience I am embracing in my life through my growth process is being reflected back at me in my physical body. I'm starting to find my own personal groove in life/my niche/my truth, and it's a process. It doesn't happen over night. The guidance keeps showing up for me and I'm assimilating all my teachings, structure and discipline that allows for me to understand my truth. Now I'm at a place of softening into what works for me.

Ironically, all the information that helps me to grow, can be the same hurdle that halts my growth. Noticing that, is where my transformation is happening. When life's enjoyments start to feel like a chore, we can drown in our own pool of abundance. We need the rain drops to slow down the clouds filled with water. The patience is in those rain drops.

Let your life flow on its own time. Stay true to your dreams and trust that they will come to fruition. It's okay to stop and put thing on hold for awhile. When you stay authentic to your voice, there's no judgement in how or when it becomes heard.

You're transforming each and every day for the rest of this life, so embrace that journey and give all the lacking areas some love. We all have strong and weak spots, and its a divine balance of polarities that allows us to stand here on earth.

Embrace all that you are, and know that when you do what feels right to you, you are aligning with your destiny. Just have faith in the process.

In health and happiness,