What is your relationship with food?

If you don't know this already, food serves as our communication with the universe. Food reflects all that is going on in our being. It is a mirror image of our life. I currently have the pleasure of working with a Divine being who is helping me dissolve self limiting habits with love, through her amazing ability to align people with their truth. Her name is Sivan. Please do yourselves a favor and check out her website @ www.theseedofhealth.com.

My latest assignment was to journal the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to my relationship with food. As we peel away layers of all the barriers we subconsciously create, our emotions can be left raw and vulnerable. Often times they are seen and can be addressed through food.

Food is everything. My heightened awareness through mindfulness in action, aka meditation practice, has shed light on the all consuming aspect of food in my life.

The beautiful revelation that came about during this exercise with Sivan, was that I am a Divine being, expressing my sensuality and zest for life through food! It's all good.

She helped me to see that each morning I should be super grateful and happy about my life! To enjoy all that I have, with care and respect for the abundance, honoring the responsibility of free will.

With every action, we must practice intention and listen to our intuition, so that we don't set ourselves up for a reactive life. For me, I have to honor the two children within me. One is 'skinny kate', and the other is 'not so skinny kate'. One loves to be disciplined in staying healthy, and the other loves to eat lots of fun food. I have to befriend both, and not slam the door on either one of them. I am not either child you see, I am Spirit.

To acknowledge that whatever emotion sweeps over us is actually not of us, is very liberating. If we feel happy, say hello to it and let it pass. If we feel sad, say hello to it and let it pass. These are storms of feelings that pass through our heart center. Our heart center is only Spirit. Staying neutral in that understanding is where we can find ultimate Divine Bliss.

Observing and witnessing life coming through us, to us, and from us is the experience of life itself. We are a spiritual being in a vessel here on earth. This material world is a manifestation of all creation. We receive these messages as our reflective truth. The spiritual world is what we cannot see, the emotional world is what we feel, and the physical world is what is tangible.

Food is tangible. I don' t know about you, but I have a profound appreciation for the art of food, and for the design and operations of restaurants and food products. I love to experience it in it's abundance and in it's love of celebrating life! Food in its simplicity and most natural state is what excites me, rather than packaged junk food.

So you ask, what am I really hungry for? There are so many psychological aspects of why we eat, what we eat and how we eat, but ultimately, make friends with food. If you treat your food like you would your best friend, or family member that you see and spend time with everyday, you would likely have a different approach to what's on your plate, or in your hand. Treat everything in your life with love. You become that mirror image, absorbing all it's energy, so direct your loving energy to what you consume in all areas of your life.

Food is my friend, my source of fun, and a reflection of the light that's within me. I do not abuse it. I may over indulge sometimes, but I correct it with lightening up. If I have a day filled with vegan pizza and ice cream, then the next day may be green juices and soups. Keep your body, mind and spirit aligned with what your values are. What are your priorities? Stay true to them every single day, and you will never feel astray.

Wake up with enthusiasm for your day and all that you have! It is a gift to be here to allow your inner light to shine bright through you, so that all the beauty can be reflected back at you!

In health and happiness,