Discover pure bliss.

Embracing your highest and best self is no easy task. Our universe brings to us that which we need, through our subconscious. What stories do you tell yourself that may be limiting you from living a life beyond your wildest dreams? Do not underestimate the power of intention. What you put out there will come to you in some form. This is the truth of which I am facing right now.

There are some obvious patterns that keep showing up in my life that I'm finally ready to break! I made the declaration to the universe, and did it ever deliver! What I'm finding is the trigger that sets off my inner resistance mechanism, which starts the vicious cycles.

This trigger is is the on/off switch which perpetuates the fear of embracing all that I am. It manifests itself in all different aspects of my life, camouflaged in career, relationships, lifestyle choices, etc.

I was conscious enough to realize that the three areas of my life of which I complain about, or know are not bringing me ultimate fulfillment, stem from the same seed. What I didn't realize, was that there is a little girl inside me who is afraid of growing up and embracing all the power that I AM.

It's a scary thing to let your light shine bright. Why? Because it comes with responsibility. A responsibility we have to give back. To utilize our gifts and talents the way they were intended--in service.

Too many of us are running away from our true essence by delaying our process of choosing a life filled with bliss--this is what I'm coming to find as my trigger. My hearts desires are clear, but the blocks require some attention, and then some work!

It takes a step by step process, combined with a gentle and patient application, to break free from the resistant walls that have been subconsciously created.

Our heart center represents the essence of who we are. This is where feelings and emotions lie.  When activated,  the release comes out in different ways. The emotion that's coming up for me has been highly resistant and full of anger and fear. I've never had these intense feelings before now. They are bursting and uncomfortable.

This tells me that I'm on the right path--finally pushing through the block, rather than avoiding, delaying and distracting myself from the growth that needs to happen. All my experiences have been a culmination of where I am right here and now--the pivotal point in my transformation process.

Transforming from the old Kate to the new Kate is scary. The unknown is scary. Power is scary. The healing transformational process involves feeling. Feeling our way through the dark is uncomfortable. It raises many questions and doubt, and pushes you to harness your faith and trust in each step along the way.

What do you keep running from? What are your incessant thoughts about? Its your heart asking for some attention!

In order to dwell in ultimate fulfillment, we must align with our truth, which is our life's calling. This doesn't have to mean your vocation, this just means your vehicle of service--how your gifts and talents are best put to use. Once you hone that in, every other area of your life will fall into place.

Tap into your destiny! Our knowledge is power, and all the answers lie within. You are a spiritual being having a human experience here on earth. Let your light shine through the body you were given.

By understanding your planetary makeup, you can follow the road map of your life! Our birthday tells everything about who we are. From our destiny, to our projection, to our gifts, to what grounds us, and to our karmic and planetary influences.

Don't ignore that soft, subtle, suggestive voice of our guiding intuition. It is always there for you if you ever have a question. Your soul encompasses all that you've experienced, based on the day you were born. If you want to know where you've gone before or where you are headed, the answers are there. The spirit in you wants to live a life filled with love and abundance! After all, you are here on earth, surrounded by love and beauty in nature, if you stay conscious and awake! Choose to wake up today!

Choose to see the positive. Choose to be neutral. Choose to realize that the universe will provide for your every need. Feed your body, mind and soul with love, and you will avoid unnecessary confusion and negativity.

Set your intention at the beginning of each day and then reflect on it before you go to bed. Did you commit to your truth today?

In health and happiness,