Heal yourself this weekend!

The long days of summer are here! Summer solstice is approaching and our earth is flooded with the healing rays of the sun! Take this time to visualize yourself happy, healthy, bright and abundant! Devote a sacred time for yourself this weekend to reap the benefits of the healing energy we are blessed with! Make an intention that is special to you and send it out into the universe. You have the support of planting the seed for manifestation in your life with the Sun's work!

When you think of the sun, you think of warmth, peace, joy, enthusiasm and radiance, right? I'm sure you could come up with your own, but in a nutshell, the sunlight is the very essence of your own internal light.

The light that's within each and every one of us comes from the source of all creation. Think of that creation as the sun. The sun is always there even if we don't see it or feel it. It provides us with unconditional support and love, allowing for everything on earth to survive.

The sun promotes growth and is at the root of all things that grow. We need the sun light to grow our fruits and veggies, which support our animals and us humans. We need the sun's light to inspire ideas that precede invention and stimulate our economy and evolution as a whole.

The sun contributes to our collective consciousness rising to a state of love--to be of service for the greater good and the opportunity to align with our highest and best self.

Look to the sun whenever you have doubts, worry or negativity. You are the sun. Meditate on that concept.

We all have our own unique methods of meditating, or connecting to our inner self/voice, but I urge you to bring the spiritual element of meditating on the sun into your daily practice.

In Universal Kabbalah teachings, we learn that the Sun is vital to our Vitamin D supply in the body. Without the chemical reactions that take place in the body when we drink in the light of the sun, our cells may become imbalanced. This creates a platform to invite disease into the body, contributing to inflammation and resulting in cancers. Note that after we pass on, our bones that are buried in the ground can be found thousands of years later. This is a result of the sun. Our bones are the structure of our life. We need the sun to live.

It is recommended by Master Kabbalist and Mystic, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry,  to take 200IU of Vitamin D daily for adults under age 50. From age 50-70, take 400IU and older, take 600IU. You can also drink in the light of the sun through exposed arms and face for 10-15min per day, 3 times a week for a sufficient supply. Do not wear sunscreen while you absorb the sun. The sun's rays are positive and will not put you at risk for skin cancer if this is done before 12 noon. After 12, you may be at risk, due to the negative vibrations from the universe during this time, so it is recommended to use sunscreen if you'll exceed the 10-15 min of exposure.

In Universal Kabbalah, we work with the waxing and waning moons, the sunrise and sunset, and the planetary influences. The sunrise hours between 4-7am and sunset between 4-7pm are when the energies are at their peak based on positive and negative polarities. It is wise to take advantage of meditating and exercising during the early morning hours before noon time to absorb the  beneficial, healing, positive vibrations of the sun.

Visualize the sun in your life when you wake up. Connect to the image, or better yet, get outside and bask in all its glory. The sun awakens the light within you, allowing you to be happier, brighter and healthier.

Another concept of healing in regards to the sun, is the idea of heat in the body. The importance of moving, whether it's walking briskly each day for a minimum of 15-30min, or exercising or doing yoga, promotes long term optimal health! We need heat to promote the ease in removal of toxins and waste materials, to allow for better functionality in our systems, so they don't have to work so hard. The heat offers space and movement and stimulates circulation in the body. We need to move and feel the heat everyday! But do it with complete consciousness! Feel each muscle in your body engage and really feel your movements.

When we work with the sun in the morning, prioritizing a meditation practice and some movement in the body, we set the stage for a happy and beautiful day! Remember that we can only take each day at a time. Each day is a new day of blessings and light. Receive your gifts and go forward in your day as the best reflection of you. This will cultivate your mindfulness in action, your awareness in life, and allow you to make choices that will only align with your highest and best self.

This is the key to happiness. Make yourself a priority! You can't help others if you can't help yourself first. If it means getting up earlier, so be it. You will be glad you did. Working with the laws of nature is the only constant we have in this life. We can always count on the hours of the day, the days in the week, the months in the year and the seasons changing. Summer solstice marks the turn of the seasons and the universe wants you to experience all the benefits of the sun! Take advantage of your birthright, and heal yourself with love!

Sat Nam.

In health and happiness,