The Formula for Success starts with the Seed

Star Pose, Naam Yoga Teacher TrainingSince my last post on the Summer Solstice, I have been immersed in what I call, "my summer of Saturn". Saturn brings about karmic influences, as I've stated in past posts. Saturn is the Great Teacher, the Divine Mother and a highly spiritual energy. It brings about great contemplation and shows you what does not work in your life, forcing you to face the truth. It's a gift to go within and listen to your heart--which is exactly what I've been up to these past 52 days. We each have a personal calendar year starting with your birthday. For 52 days from your birthday, you are in your Sun period. The universe grants you the support to plant any seed for manifestation, to invoke creativity, and to work on your health during this time.

After that period, you enter into your Moon phase for the next 52 days. Pay attention to your dreams, and intuition, be neutral and don't start anything new. It's a fluctuating time, so ebb and flow with ease.

When you enter into your Mars period for the next 52 days, you will be faced with an abundant amount of energy. It's a good idea to exercise and exert that energy, otherwise, you may find yourself bubbling up with aggression. You are more prone to accidents during this time, or sexual temptations. Take good care of your health during this time and be sure to cultivate a meditation practice to cool your fire.

The following 52 days enters Mercury; the planet of Communication. This is a great time to write a book, make a presentation, journal, have conversations and connect with people. Mercury brings about lots of internal and external chatter. Be sure to pay attention to your breathing patterns. Your breath controls the mind, and during this time, it can be running wild.

After 52 days you will enter into your Jupiter phase. Jupiter is the Lord of Abundance! This is a time to enjoy travel and food. You will feel blessed with good luck. Everything is going your way, but be mindful in avoiding extreme excesses, and seek philanthropic endeavors.

After those 52 days, you will enter into Venus--a time to have more fun! Venus is a romantic time, to romance beauty, the arts, your love life, and your home--play and love yourself and others!

The final 53 days before your birthday is when Saturn comes in to clean up your house. Whatever seeds you planted during your Sun period, whatever excesses you may have stumbled upon in your Jupiter period, or temptations you succumbed to in your Mars period will trip you up during this time. Saturn makes you feel like you are a square tire. Things seem a little slower and a little harder during this time. But with each challenge, comes double the blessings. A square is representative of two triangles, and a triangle is a symbol of good luck--the holy trinity.

That being said, my Saturn period has blessed me with the most heavenly experience of Divine Spiritual Wisdom during my Naam Yoga Teacher Training in Los Cabos, Mexico. I've never felt more aligned and more present with my inner self, than during these three weeks of bliss. Two weeks later I am still feeling the affects and have more clarity than ever before.

By going within, I realized everything is possible. We can have it all, we can be Co-Creators in our life. The universe wants us to experience the utmost abundance. What if you just started saying yes to everything that comes your way? It's all at your fingertips. Whatever you think about or are drawn to is coming up because that's what your heart wants--it's trying to guide you. It may not make sense, but it's already a part of you. Life doesn't have to be so complicated. It's actually really simple.

Think about your so called challenge, and visualize yourself as if that problem didn't exist. Your intention is powerful--it is the seed.

We have thoughts, we have emotions, and we have actions in this life. Thoughts are representative of Love. Emotions representative of Faith. Actions represented of Hope. Where are you misaligned? Do you have super creative ideas, feel balanced emotionally, but not getting anywhere physically? If so, your actions are unbalanced, and you are lacking hope. Where are you unbalanced? What's the missing piece of your puzzle? Do you need to cultivate a little more self love? Have faith that the impossible is possible? Or hope, that things will in fact, work out?

Everything goes through the planetary cycle. We are constantly planting seeds. Our thoughts are representative of our seed. Our feelings are in the astral world, and our actions and hope lie in the physical world--this is where we manifest. We can literally write our own story of our life with our thoughts.

The formula for success starts with the seed. This happens in your Sun period. If you can't visualize what the seed will bring, you won't be able to manifest. The seed births the roots, which bears the trunk, then the branches, then the leaves, then the flowers, then the fruit. Is your fruit sweet or sour? Ripe or Rotten? Saturn will tell you--it is the fruit of the seed.

Pay attention to your words. They are literally writing your destiny. Always use them to uplift and be positive, never to criticize or speak negatively--they will only hurt you.

I encourage you to map our your yearly calendar starting with your birthday and see how your life ebbs and flows throughout the year. You will be empowered to start living the life you desire, and deserve as nature intends you to. It's already within you and of you, just tap into it and let it flow.

I hope you've enjoyed a summer of bright magnetism, that is the universal period of Mars. (There's a difference between the universal planetary cycle and your personal planetary cycle)

Love, Peace and Light to you all.

Wahe Guru (Wow, the wondrous Creator of Life!)

Sat Nam (That which is true)