Where do you get stuck?

"To heal is to feel" was the theme during sunday morning's yoga class. The passage that was read to us during our meditation was taken from a chapter in the book by Baron Baptiste called, "40 days to Transformation". It was validating for me to hear this excerpt because I have now finally reached the transformation! I can't believe it! I feel free and alive and ready to create without the hindrances of the past weighing me down. The last few years have been a deep spiritual quest where I rolled my sleeves up and have gotten down and dirty with myself. I'm now realizing that the trigger for me was when I called off my engagement and all my trusty defense mechanisms went flying up. I threw myself in distractions and started trying to find out why I found myself where I was. Peeling away the layers of the onion were not easy, but I found myself deep in the mud and couldn't dig myself out until a few angels guided me back home. Leaving LA and coming back to Cape Cod gave me the space and time to heal and get clear as I unraveled this past year.

I was drowning in a strict Macrobiotic diet and spiritual meditation practice that consumed most of my time. My mom was baffled because she thought that all the good I was trying to bring into my life was just adding more intensity, more rigidity, more boundaries, less fun and more stress. I felt bad that she had to see me go through this, as I've been living with her the past year, and was perplexed by the whole thing myself, not knowing how to let go of what I knew to be 'healthy' and how I was to find balance.

What was in fact happening, was an elevated state of consciousness telling me to just ride it out, and have faith that I will come out on the other side. As the passage says, we must let all stuck emotions and physical ailments come up in order to clear ourselves. If we keep them shoved down, it will manifest in different ways. Our body of pain loves to hold onto these stagnations but we must walk through the fire to find freedom, as Baron states. A physical yoga practice shows us where we're limited, but combining an energetic aspect of Naam yoga and Divine Spiritual Wisdom accelerates the process. My mom always says, anything worth having doesn't come easy. Understanding that all this work really does pay off, is motivating, validating and liberating!

We must know where we come from to know where we are going, and as I'm witnessing this grand reveal, I see the root of all that perpetuated my life choices, and all that I'm responsible for. As we climb the ladder of consciousness, we become more and more aligned with our destiny and can use our free will with a greater purpose in mind.

Transformation happens when we become courageous and roll up our sleeves to acknowledge that you are the common denominator in all that you experience in life. Everything that comes to us is a mirror image of what's going on inside of us. Whatever we experience is based on our level of consciousness, or our energetic vibration that we're putting out into the universe, as Master Kabbalist, Dr. Levry states.

Everything is energy. Once you come out on the other end, you are free to co-create--to direct the flow of energy by taking where you've been and flipping it, so you can experience what your heart desires. In other words, you can see what didn't work before, and re-invent it! We always have choices, but we're often blinded by the body of pain.

The body of pain is what keeps us trapped in self limiting habits based on karmic influences. We all come with 'baggage'/karma. We have 7 karmic influences which I've touched on before, in a previous post, based on The Laws of the Universe in Universal Kabbalah.

Where do you get stuck in life?

Anything that is created, is governed by the flow of your own energy.

Just as there is a sunrise and a sunset, a new moon and a full moon, 7 days in a week, 12 months in a year, and 4 seasons, we can't deny that the flow of creation completes itself in cycles. Transformation comes with it's own cycle too. We are constantly re-birthing ourselves and finding a new identity, but do you see a pattern repeating itself, stopping you from becoming who you are meant to be? To be able to see the pattern is the first step, and then to unravel it is part of the transformation process. Once you have a blank canvas, you are more conscious when you create--you've removed that block and are not giving into the body of pain. The body of pain is also known as fear, which is the opposite of love, which is creation.

Elevating your consciousness exposes you to a world that you never knew you knew.

One way to do that is by attending a weekend seminar that I just did, called The Landmark Education Forum. It's scary but it busts through the body of pain, which keeps us paralyzed in the physical world. When we can connect to our higher self, we can make wiser choices and be in touch with what will be for the greater good for all, not just ourselves. We start to see the "Big Picture" and therefore can relax and enjoy life, trusting that we are exactly where we need to be, to offer up our best self.

The best way to transform is to start by receiving Harmonyum Treatments. It calms the Nervous System and creates a space for deep relaxation so that healing and an elevated state of consciousness can occur. It takes care of the root of all your challenges, and creates great change in you and your whole family's life.

Transform your life by going within and being courageous enough to see yourself in others and in all your challenges.

Start by incorporating a meditation practice that will remove all internal and external blocks by chanting Triple Mantra 11 minutes per day with your hands interlaced at your solar plexus. Download the track here: http://rootlight.com/album-detail.php?r=26&fmphpadmin=53aa629c8a0f8b641c848c82c482db33.

And just do Naam, or any type of yoga to release and renew!

You are courageous. You are strong, You are the best version of you.

You are unconditionally supported and loved by the universe.

Sat Nam,