Hot Water Benefits

Welcome to Sunday's 'Healing Benefits' feature! On Sundays, I plan to bring you tips on the ways you can improve your health and well being, one ingredient at a time!

I've talked about the benefits of Hot Water with Lemon before in this post:, but it's important to bring it up again!

In yogic traditions, hot water is known to 'go where it needs to go'. Water cures all--that's why it's essential to our survival and why it's so precious! We know our body is made up of 80% water, right? And the world is too? Coincidence? I think not. Water correlates to the Moon. It's a fluid energy that moves stagnation. Whenever something stagnates within us, it ferments and creates toxins, also known as 'Ama' in Ayurvedic practices. Water pushes it through our lymphatic drainage system, so that we can detox/remove impurities.

But make it hot, and the detoxification process is that much more efficient! We know our bodies radiate at 98 degrees, so it makes sense that hot water is more easily assimilated when we take it in that way.

Cold water, by contrast, creates a shock to the system, and therefore does not have the same healing benefits of pushing out toxins as efficiently as hot water does.

It is best to drink water at either room temperature or heated. The body naturally does not like cold foods or drinks because it's harder for the body to digest, making it work harder than necessary--it needs to be heated up before it can be digestible.

Drink a cup of hot water before each meal, and you will digest your food better because your digestive track is warmed up, like a car would be. Drink a cup of hot water upon rising in the morning, after tongue scraping and brushing your teeth, and you will flush out all the toxins your body worked so hard to bring up while it was sleeping/cleansing itself.  Check out this post on the science behind this practice:

Add half a juice of lemon to your cup of hot water in the morning, and you will enhance the detoxification process and set a healthy pH for your body that day! Yay! Namaste.

Hot Water with Lemon

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