Release your 'Bad Hair Days' for good!

I know what it's like to have a bad hair day, believe me! There's nothing worse than feeling like your hair is wearing you, rather than you wearing it! From about age 9--28, I was fighting my hair and not winning! If you haven't read my traumatic curl story, read here: I always rolled my eyes when people would annoyingly tell me, "people would pay big bucks for that hair you have".  If only they knew what it was like dealing with it on their own ruled my life, to say the least. Work out schedules revolved around my hair washing days, I couldn't go out if I didn't have my gel, and I'd been known to blow a fuse or two when blow drying it straight. All in all, it was a time consuming, daunting task to try and fit into my schedule!

After many years spent exhausting myself trying to control my hair, rather than allowing it to be free, I've finally embraced the dreaded 'wet bun' occasionally, I don't get instantly stressed out anymore when I start sweating profusely in a hot yoga class, knowing my hair is ruined, and I go swimming now when I feel called to, rather than just going in neck deep to avoid having to do my hair. I've come a long way, baby!

It's amazing what happens when you LET GO! Who the heck cares if your hair doesn't look perfect! I mean, really! Control = Fear. Fear of what? Not being put together? Who is really ever 'put together' anyways, and if they are, are they any fun? And what does being 'put together' even mean?

Spiritually speaking, hair is the extension of your electromagnetic field. Bet you didn't know that, did ya? Everything about yourself is a perfect representation of your Divine Essence. I do believe we must make our temple shine, however! Looking good on the outside, should only represent the beauty that's within, but it shouldn't be a struggle--you are already perfect exactly the way you are.

Just like anything in life, finding a healthy balance is essential, including your beauty routine! I invite you to simplify your life, and embrace your hair's natural texture! To start a new routine or habit, give yourself 40 days.

I gave this 40 day challenge to my mom awhile back, and I kid you not, she is a new woman! She is the queen of beauty and loves to look her best (it doesn't take her much)! She's always enjoyed playing with makeup and perfecting the perfect blow out, until she got herself into a vicious cycle of frying her hair with hot tools. Her hair stopped being as shiny and bouncy as usual and so we tried a new experiment--letting her hair go natural! (Whoa! Such a scary thought for her!)

Who would have known she had beautiful curls in there!? Most people actually do! It's very rare that I see someone with naturally stick straight hair--most have some what of a bend to it. Needless to say, we decided to embrace her natural curl pattern, but boy was she resistant!

During those 40 days, wearing her hair curly made her not feel as pretty, made her feel like her hair was huge--that it walked into the room before she did, and it made her irritable and anxious! She was sensitive to comments people would make like, "whoa Mary, look at your hair!" Basically, she was completely out of her comfort zone and self conscious. The irony of it, is that everyone LOVED it! She looked absolutely gorgeous, as always!

curly hair

The 40 days offered an opportunity for her to let herself go, and to see what would come out on the other side. I think she'd agree that by not trying to be so perfect, she was able to lighten up about life in general. After 40 days, and with a little help from her 'Curly Hair Specialist Daughter', she now knows how to work with her own natural texture.;)

I have so much compassion for her, as I do with my many clients who struggle with their curls. I only want for them what I now have for myself--a new place of acceptance and appreciation for my hair! I always used to wonder about those people who would say, "it's just hair"...but now I get it!

If you're at the mercy of your day depending on whether or not you're having a good hair day, then I invite you to practice giving up the struggle for 40 days. The spiritual significance of doing the same thing every day, for 40 days, allows you to release a habit for good, to make space for a healthier, new habit to take it's place. Maybe it's not your hair, but another ever present struggle you deal with...

I always tell my clients that curly hair requires a comfort level. I personally know that when I wear my hair blown out straight for a few days, and then wear it curly again, it takes a little bit of getting used to--seeing myself in the mirror again and embracing the curly hair effects takes a little patience and softness.

By nature, curly hair is playful, expansive and fun! There's a reason God put it on your head! Why not embrace what you were given and give up the struggle!? You are unique just the way you are.

curly hair


In health and happiness,